Killzone 3 Made Me Sad

NextGN writes: "Killzone 3 has arrived and I’ve been spending good amount of my spare time pwning some Higs. I’ve finished the game on veteran with 45% of all trophies unlocked and am on my second play through right now — however, there is something that upsets me with the latest and greatest Killzone game. To be honest, I was expecting a lot more. Though the campaign mode towers over most others, Killzone 3 still seems stripped of content."

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MintBerryCrunch2839d ago

can't make custom matches...

its the one thing that makes me go FFFUUU, it just screams CoD

LoVeRSaMa2839d ago

Yea, I used to Host my own Clan Server on my 2nd PS3, and was able to have everyone join and advertise my clan, but with this feature gone ='[

killalot1002839d ago

why would they take this feature away is beyond me. it deosnt cost them shit to add this.

FunAndGun2839d ago

They took it away because on K2 everyone and their mother only played Radec Academy.

DreamTension2839d ago

Guerilla will be implementing custom matches through a patch shortly after launch. It most likely won't be public lists like KZ2, but custom matches will at least be there...

PhoenixDevil2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Good news if it happens but I dnt believe thats happenening, any chance of a link about it, i was in the older KZ3 beta n they told us that custom games were not going to be in KZ3 would b great if they changed there minds tho

EDIT: there was another link down below, n this is definatly happenning which is great news, certinly a good feature too have

AyeGee2839d ago

It was one of my favorite features! Grrrr..

Pixelated_Army2839d ago

"One thing’s for sure, though. Killzone 3 is a break through game. It will be crowned best single-player console first person shooter this generation, mark my words."

After reading the title I wasn't expecting to read this.

Rumor2839d ago

wow, same menu screeens???? i liked looking at my helghast and isa member during multiplayer whilst choosing my class :/

Rumor2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

wow, same menu screeens???? i liked looking at my helghast during multiplayer whilst choosing my class :/

edit: does anyone else find it funny that the menus have some foreign helghast writing but they speak english XD it makes no sense to me. but still day 1

Mr Tretton2839d ago

The Helghast changed the look of their alphabet, (why? IDK. To be dicks?) but it's technically still English.

DaTruth2839d ago

This is sad! The best matches in KZ2 were the ones where they got rid of the rocket launchers!

Sometimes they would cut out the whole class which was a b!tch because I use to use the sprint with my tactician and I'd have to find something else to use, but I hated rocket-noobs!

DualConsoleOwner2839d ago

a dev said it in a interview...

he said you could pick maps or only pistol match and such.

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nickjkl2839d ago

idk its kinda a good and bad thing

before you just had people trying to level up constantly and the only thing you got was radec body count

crazyclown2839d ago

well is this just for the beta? what happens when the full game lunches? will there be custom matches????

Rumor2839d ago

he was describing the full game.

im pretty sure you cant get 45% of trophies through a beta

tony67672839d ago

who cares about custom matches? and in kz2 custom matches points were counting so u could have the best kd ever telling ur friend to go in a game kill for you i dont care if they removed it all i want is go online and play nonstop and have fun. and why people are whining about it when they dont about other games that is worse

DoomeDx2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

You can. GG said that on the Open beta Forum.

they will patch it in :)

@ Kneon, Wait, let me find a link for you

Edit two: There you go! Bottom post!


Just incase you dont know, its a post from a GG Dev

kneon2839d ago

I sure hope you're right. One of the great features of KZ2 was that you could cut out certain classes, weapons and abilities. So if you didn't want snipers in your game for example you could, ban them, or the sniper rifle and you're good to go.

Pillage052839d ago

I completely understand why some people are upset over this removal, but honestly I had always wished for matchmaking in kz2. From the getgo 90% of the rooms were maxed out on game time which is like an hour and a half long game. Who the hell thinks its fun to defend one odjective for 20 freakin' minutes. The standard options were so much fun...people were in a hurry and actually cared about the objective instead of just campin' the hell out of the other team.

I could on and on but the point comes down to I hated how long it took to find a room with a decent setup. There should have always been either matchmaking or at least have some official servers with more standard options. They probably should at least bring back a lobby system with unranked games so people have a way of practicing though.

thor2839d ago

Well it's a problem that the game creates itself. In a game where you don't have ranks or unlocks, matchmaking (i.e. reducing the number of options for a game from tens of adjustable parameters creating millions of combinations to just 3 playlists) is completely useless. Its ONLY PURPOSE is to stop people playing to grind. But of course people only keep playing to up their rank anyway.

What happened to games where you played them because they were fun? Counter-Strike: Source (before they added f*cking achievements for f*ck's sake) is a great example of a game I played for hundreds of hours and not a single rank-up in sight. People made fun servers because they were fun to play. Not because they were the most efficient for getting experience points.

frostypants2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

This is what I've been saying all along: the multiplayer mode is a big letdown, but hopefully the single player will be awesome (and from what most are saying, it is). It's the multiplayer shortcomings that have caused so much animosity in the reviews.

Honestly I think people are just getting sick of FPS multiplayer games in general...BF1943 and BFBC2 (PS3) and BF2 (PC) are the only ones I can play anymore. Everything else lacks enough depth of gameplay for me.

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Dipso2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I personally like the title screen, its bleak, utilitarian, perfectly reflecting the culture of the Helghast and contrasted with the brooding sentimentality of the music is just plain rousing.

Oh, and I bet it looks sh*t hot in 3D.

Jezuz2839d ago

yeah, the music is....mesmerizing

LoaMcLoa2839d ago

Kinda sounds like a mix-up between Metal Gear Solid 4 and Bioshock ^^

Oh, yeah. Bring us back custom matches!

frostypants2839d ago

Yeah, whoever handled the music did an amazing job.

B00M2839d ago

Gotta agree there when I first started Killzone 3 I just listened to the music, makes it seem like the sp may be a bit more emotionally driven.

Fil1012839d ago

your right the actual game is shit hot in 3D but the menu's & title screens ain't which 2 B honest dont really matter

visualb2839d ago

music seems to be great =)

Kitchen_Sink2839d ago

Spot on with botzone ans MP.

LittleBigHalo2839d ago

It is good to hear that SP is amazing but be has it right. Not including Split-screen in botzone is outright silly.

KillerCucumber2839d ago

Wasn't expecting this, especially not from Eskimo.