What Qualcomm's Snapdragon technology means to gaming

In an announcement made on Thursday, Qualcomm made public that its Snapdragon processors are enabling improved multimedia experiences in today's mobile devices, including including stereoscopic 3D (S3D) entertainment, 1080p 30fps HD video capture and playback, console-quality gaming and full web browsing with Adobe Flash 10. The newest member of the Snapdragon family, Qualcomm's APQ8060 dual-CPU processor, powers the HP TouchPad, which HP introduced yesterday.

So, what does this mean for gaming?

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R2D22860d ago

It means no more bulky DVD's and BluRays.

My only concern is what will happen if I misplace my snapdragon cartridge.

Undeadwolfy2860d ago

You do know the "Snapdragon Processor" is a processor. Its not a storage medium like a "DVD" or a "Blu-Ray"

Hope you don't misplace your processor...

BDSE2860d ago

Dumbest comment of the thread award.

silvacrest2860d ago

yeah, i have to say, i thought that was sarcasm at first

you might want to do some research on the subject before commenting next time

ATiElite2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

In your quest to be the "First Post" I'm gonna guess you didn't even read the dam article.

"My only concern is what will happen if I misplace my snapdragon cartridge."

Snapdragon Cartridge? LOL, come on you didn't read it, just admit it!

AAACE52860d ago

The future will consist of us mainly using tablet PC's and handheld gaming! All forms of entertainment will get smaller.

MicroSony4Life2860d ago

I reall hope so - I thought after the Nintendo 64 and Super NES that consoles would have gotten smaller and more powerful but they are getting bigger.

kaveti66162860d ago

The consoles of today maybe 2.5 times the size of the N64, but they are hundreds of times more powerful than the N64.

So, proportionally, they are getting smaller.

Ju2860d ago

Well, NGP? A fraction of a N64 and 100x as powerful (probably an understatement).

MicroSony4Life2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

@Kaveti - I agree but I still feel like we are way behind on techology. Its the year 2012 and we still dont have flying cars, food cubes, Robot Buddies, Sexy Milf Presidents, laser weapons and most importantly, Jet Packs.

As much as I hate Apple for over pricing the i brand, I still give them much respect for what they did with the iphone and ipod - when I first saw the ipod I was amazed on its size and how much memory it had.

With the above said here is hopeing Apple is thinking about jumping in on the console market.

zag2860d ago

Already have all of those things problem is it'smore the army with those things or other countries.

I prefer the old crative MP3 player that were out well before the ipod those had upgradeable hd in them they had 500gig hd when the ipod only had 2 to 8gig.

it's a shame those aren't still around.

SactoGamer2860d ago

I'm still waiting on my hoverboard like they had in the movie "Back to the Future II".

Lazyeye792860d ago

Did I get hit on the head and miss a year because I'm pretty sure its still 2011.

Its cool that things will be getting smaller and better, but I don't like the idea of so many possible gaming things, I fear it games will become like Farmville or some other Facebook garbage and that the world will be flooded with crummy games that only mothers will like. I hope that the Dead Space 2 commercials will promote more "Your mom will hate this game" games.

I fear that the gaming world is in trouble.

TABSF2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I'm sure the technology behind Snapdragon is from ARM.

Even if its not they run of ARM instruction sets.

Still Tegra 250 is better.
Dual Core Cortex9 @ 1GHZ and 8 Cuda cores.

Plus Tegra III will be out by next year.
Most likely be Quad Core Cortex15 @ 2GHz with 24 Cuda cores.

zag2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

No Snapdragon is from a south Korean or Taiwan company.

The difference with Snapdragon is it has everything on the processor, so it has a proper GPS and A-gps some of the sensors plus the surround sound stuff and DVD play back etc.

They have had that stuff for years it was only on WinMobile phones though. HTC use them mainly too everyone else use ARM and others.

These are mobile phone CPUs not GPU etc or for PCs.

SactoGamer2860d ago

I thought Qualcomm was a North American company.

silvacrest2860d ago

but the snapdragon has a GPU as well, the adreno series

Ju2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Snapdragon is made by Qualcom, based of San Diego, CA, USA.

They all use Arm based designs, incl. Tegra. Arm was first introduced by the British company Acorn which back in 1985 built the first RISC based home computer: The Acorn Archimedes (hence the name ARM = Acorn Risc Machine). That first generation RISC processor was the Acorn ARM processor. Acorn is gone, left over is Arm as a company which owns the core technology behind todays Arm processors, and licensed worldwide to various vendors.

Everybody can license and build own arm based cores; they must follow Arm's design guideline, though.

The GPU is usually different. Qualcom uses in house Adrono GPUs, Apple and others (Samsung, Sony!) uses (now) Imaginane's SGX PowerVR design, NVidia adds their own GPU (and calls it Tegra).

PowerVR was used in the Dreamcast, btw. (with an SuperH4 risc cpu)

Arm made a tremendous come back. They were almost gone. Intel invested heavily and built XScale cpus based on Arm's design, which never took off, though.

BTW: The fastest silicon today using Arm is still Sony's NGP: 4 cores, 4 GPUs. You can say it is not available yet, and until fall we might see faster products from competitors. Sony's CPU is a TMS based chip (Texas Instruments, AFAIK, OMAP4, incl. NEON SIMD vector instructions which the Tegra does not have).

silvacrest2860d ago

in terms of technology, the only thing i want to take a rapid step forward is battery tech

once batteries can hold a single charge for days or dare i say weeks, electric cars will really take off and gaming on a phone as well as handhelds will be more attractive

Tuxmask552860d ago

Well, the Kindle can hold a charge for a month with moderate use. That's a step in the right direction, right?

liveActionLeveler2860d ago

Except that the kindle isn't nearly as power drawing and sophisticated as other handheld devices. It's not that the Kindle's battery life is revolutionary, it's just that it doesn't use much power in the first place.

madjedi2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

@silva might interest you.


silvacrest2859d ago

although its not "hold a single for weeks" it being able to hold double what standard batteries can hold is a nice step up

also it being produced in early 2012 is a nice plus, i hate waiting years and years for interesting tech to hit the mainstream