PlusXP Trinity: Souls of Zill’Oll – Review

Leon reviews Trinity: Souls of Zill’Oll the latest action RPG from Tecmo Koei.

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Stealth20k2778d ago

I call bullshit on this review
+Solid combat mechanics
+Some interesting characters
+Plenty of side-quests
+Character ability/equipment selection allows for good customisation

-Plot is spread thinly over generic missions
-All locations are either menu screens or dungeons – no towns or other non-combat areas to explore

Score: 6/10

The cons can be atributed to style and there are more pros than cons

Simon_Brezhnev2778d ago

Yeah your right I'm getting this game just not yet. I'll probably get it when its around $40.

Killzoned2778d ago

Its always JRPG that get low scores, but i never trust these low scores when it comes to JRPG. Played a few low metacritic score ones and found them to be good

Chris3992777d ago

So was Lost Odyssey and I loved it. My darn preorder doesn't come till Monday - aargh! And Hyperdimension Neptune is out next week. And Ar Tonelico a few weeks later.

Long live the JRPG!!!