The day the music game died

Rock and Roll may never die, but Guitar Hero has been sent to the video game grave yard.

Earlier this week, Activision announced it is laying off workers and shelving the once prosperous Guitar Hero series. Just like a real rock star, these games hit the scene like nothing before then flamed out just like the the bright star they were. According to the developer from 2005 to 2009 the games made the company two billion dollars.

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guitar_nerd_232839d ago

good, time to put some hours into some actual guitars ..tastey

xabmol2839d ago

I like music games!

My favorite is called Guitar Pro 5. ;)

guitar_nerd_232838d ago

:D hahahaha i like that one too

mines favs called cubase

+bubble vote :D

andrew1719942839d ago

RIP guitar hero u will be talked about to my children wen i get older...soo the next stage of the prosess is rock in genral, with the new wave of people its goin to suck even more 10 years from now.

DarkBlood2839d ago

yeah and the new kinds of music they are putting out but you gotta note some of these new musician get thier inspiration from kick ass old timers

Tuxmask552839d ago

It's like that saying: "What's old is new again."