Bulletstorm watered-down for German audience

Gamekudos- The EA published game, which has already been the subject of much controversy within the media, will carry a USK 18+ certificate and will not include many of the effects gamers would have expected to see in the final product. German owners of the title will not have access to the rag doll physics engine, blood, or dismemberment, present in other versions of Bulletstorm.

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Zinc2863d ago

Problem: Censorship.

Sort-term Solution: Import

Long-term Solution: Throw your idiot government officials away and get someone in there that can figure it out.

BattleAxe2863d ago

The amount of cencorship and control over people in that country is something that hasn't been seen since WW2. Don't let history repeat itself!!

guitar_nerd_232863d ago

blimey its just a game, they gonna try and make mortal kombat clean too?

LoaMcLoa2863d ago

Already happened in DC Universe vs Mortal Kombat

BLACKBOIJONES2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

wow i dont live in germany but that sucks...If i were them i will start a protest but im sure they are to busy drinking beer to care.

TABSF2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Bulletstorm watered-down for German Government.

Fixed it.

So glad I wasn't born in a Country that bans graphic games.

Raider692863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Jesus they are going to take the rag doll physics engine too!?What the hell haves the physics engine to do with censorship!Its not likely that we are going to be flexing any sensible muscle in the game!I guess they are taking the physics from Duke Nukem too,because that vibrator shown on the videos can go anywhere!

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