All The Winners From The 14th AIAS Awards

The 14th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards aren't there for comedy. They're there for the giving out of awards to 2010's finest games. Let's see who won big at this year's event.

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Azianphil882840d ago

GT 5 should get the racing game of the year
no joke it's truly an amazing racing game

ChristianGamer2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

But it isn't Hot Pursuit is, deservingly so.
Woohoo, GO LIMBO! Go Dance Central!
Mint I'm sorry for not praising the console you have sworn allegiance to, next time I'll try keep your sensitive woman feelings in mind when I cheer on games I enjoy

MintBerryCrunch2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

all thats missing is your undying affection to Kinect with your comment

@ below, hes already stated the same comment in multiple threads...

ohh and thank you for keeping my woman feelings in mind Jeebus...i can vividly picture you dancing in your robe moving to the beat of Crank That

FailOverHero2840d ago

The guy cheers for ONE kinect game and suddenly he has Kinect affection issues?
What is wrong with you fanboys of the other console?

FailOverHero2840d ago

Multiple Threads? You mean ONE other award thread? How dare he?

MrBeatdown2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

"The guy cheers for ONE kinect game and suddenly he has Kinect affection issues?
What is wrong with you fanboys of the other console?"

Is there something wrong with your brain that makes you ignore logic and common sense at opportune times?

Mint insinutates that Christian is a Kinect fanboy, then you call out Mint as if he's saying that based entirely on CG's mention of Dance Central. Then you label Mint a PS3 fanboy even though he didn't mention anything related to PS3 at all.

So, do you have a double standard just to suit your trolling, or are you just too dimwitted to grasp the irony there?

FailOverHero2839d ago

"Anything related to PS3 at all. So, do you have a double standard just to suit your trolling, or are you just too dimwitted to grasp the irony there?" I called him a fanboy because ONLY a fanboy would be annoyed at someone celebrating the success of ONE game that happens to be on Kinect. So maybe next time you decide you wanna seem smart, realise that just maybe you aren't the smartest person in the room. That arrogant attitude of yours will only get you egg on your face

MrBeatdown2839d ago

So you completely missed the point, didn't you?

You didn't seem to take any issue with CG insinuating that Mint was a fanboy BEFORE MINT EVEN COMMENTED on the article, yet you take issue with Mint responding with a similar insult, and just ASSUMED it was because of the Dance Central comment made by CG, rather than Mint knowing CG prior to the comment.

You don't see the double standard there? You can't understand that maybe Mint knows CG enough to call him fanboy, and wasn't just basing it on that Dance Central comment like you assumed? CG called Mint a fanboy before he even posted, so why didn't you take issue with that? Oh, that's right... it's because you like to selectively ignore obvious facts to suit your trolling in the name of 360.

You really live up to your name.

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MintBerryCrunch2840d ago

so what kind of process do these games go through to win?

there is always a list, but never info on how that game got there

Exquisik2839d ago

You can check out this link for a more detailed description of each categories and their nominations.

Exquisik2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Here's the list in case anyone's interested and doesn't want to bother clicking the link.

Outstanding Achievement In Animation
God Of War III

Outstanding Achievement In Art Direction
Red Dead Redemption

Outstanding Achievement In Visual Engineering
Heavy Rain

Outstanding Achievement In Gameplay Engineering
Red Dead Redemption

Outstanding Achievement In Character Performance
Red Dead Redemption

Family Game Of The Year
Dance Central

Racing Game Of The Year
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Pioneer Award
Bill Budge

Jay Mohr Award For Listening To His Monologue
Some Dude In The Audience

Outstanding Achievement In Story
Mass Effect 2

Role-Playing/Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year
Mass Effect 2

Outstanding Innovation in Gaming
Heavy Rain

Hall Of Fame Inductees
Ray Muzyka & Greg Zeschuk (BioWare)

Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition
Heavy Rain

Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack
Rock Band 3

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design

Adventure Game of the Year

Outstanding Achievement in Online Game Play
StarCraft II

Action Game of the Year
Red Dead Revolver

Sports Game of the Year

Fighting Game of the Year
Super Street Fighter IV

Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year
StarCraft II

Portable Game of the Year
God of War: Ghost Of Sparta

Casual Game of the Year
Angry Birds HD

Social Networking Game of the Year

AIAS Lifetime Achievement Award
Bing Gordon

Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction
Red Dead Redemption

Game of the Year
Mass Effect 2

Ayer992839d ago

SMG2 wasn't even mentioned :(