343 Industries have developed the Defiant Map Pack for Halo Reach

Thanks to new video leaks of the new DLC Defiant Map Pack for Halo Reach, it can be confirmed that 343 Industries is the developer, were Bungie explicitly declared that Noble Team Map Pack was their last job with Halo Franchise and also thanks to the description in the video you can see that the footage was taken from inside of 343 Industries.

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ajcastillo2781d ago

These are new videos and a totally new story, different from my other news revealing the Defiant Map Pack gameplay.

candystop2780d ago

Looks nice! 343 might be the group that saves this franchise from the hell bound collision Bungie set forth.

dragonelite2780d ago

Who knows but its a good sign they have atleast the visual part of map design okey now hope they can ace the layout.

DarkBlood2780d ago

looks nice, cant wait to get this map pack

lochdoun2780d ago

343 can make the maps just as long as Bungie keeps bringing us awesome new modes and playlists for free! :]

TheStee2780d ago

everyone loves 343 but clearly they employ people who don't remember what an awesome time it was back when we didn't know shit before we were supposed to.

These days with all the patent findings and the ratings board findings and the leaked everything, I always know what to expect from games in advance.

Doesn't anybody miss having their fucking socks blown off?!

AssassinHD2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Not really. I am a planner by nature so all these early reveals and leaks do me a great service.

Belasco2780d ago

I completely agree, knowing details about a game sometimes years in advance really dulls the edge so to speak. Its like a movie trailer that shows all the best parts.

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