No more downloadable content for Guitar Hero and DJ Hero

After the announcement of Activision's fiscal year which present profits and losses of the year by receiving the data presented we got to know the bad news that there would be no more guitar hero and dj hero because sales were not expected and decrese the games year after year but what about downloadable content of these games

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Quagmire2661d ago

I speak a little spanish myself:

Quiero invitarle conseguir desnudo y sacrificar una pequeña cabra

TheColbertinator2661d ago

Esta bien.Nomas traeme un palo

MAJ0R2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )


seriously all this means is that there will be no more milking for these games

tehpees32662d ago

lol Bobby ran out of milk. Seriously Bobby wants to be dethroned there and give the place to someone who won't milk franchises to death.

the guy has no shame cause he says upfront all he wants is profit.

VenomProject2662d ago

Way to support the new Warriors of Rock!

Glad I didn't buy it, lol.

NukaCola2662d ago

I rented it and it sucked bad. What is worswe though, is I can't get into Rock Band's party vibe. I haven't played the 'realistic instruments' yet, but GH notes always felt more dynamic and fluid for me. And of all the guitar games, I still think GH: Metallica is my favorite. Oh well though. It had a good run. Maybe Activision is saving it's money(like it needs to) to give Bungie a big budget to produce something of high quality.

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