NPD:Seven reasons to expect industry growth in 2011

Joystiq's article about NPD's seven reasons to expect industry growth in 2011.

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Pandamobile2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

How could there NOT be growth in 2011?

Have you SEEN the list of games coming out in the next 10 months? It's crazy :D

Ayer992571d ago

Games don't always effect hardware sales. Especially when they are M games that a very specific group of people play.

Pandamobile2571d ago

Industry growth != hardware sales.

Software is what drives the game industry economy, not the hardware.

Ayer992571d ago

yah, but what I am saying is that another GTA or COD isn't going to attract a whole bunch of new customers.Where as Kinect attracted alot because it targets younger age groups.

gamingdroid2571d ago

Actually, hardware drive software sales so they are intrinsically linked. The effect might not be immediate, but 3-6 months isn't unreasonable.

plb2571d ago

Not to mention 3ds. I think ngp will be 2012 for most of the world. Japan late 2011.

Ayer992571d ago

As long as it is before December 21(the day the world "ends".

Bathyj2571d ago

1. The Last Guardian
2. Killzone 3
3. LBP 2
4. inFamous 2
5. Motorstorm Apocalypse
6. Resistance 2
7. Portal 2

ReBurn2571d ago

I approve of this list.

Mr Tretton2571d ago

C'mon, that's just a list of what you like.

mrmancs2571d ago

ever since the atari days i been playing games and im afraid to admit it(dont hate on me guys) there getting a little tiresome , due to the regurgitated game-play and medium of how we play games via a remote.. lets see a jump to vr tech next and see new growth thats worthy of the cash, though i must admit 2011 got me creaming! lol.

Mr Tretton2571d ago

You're talking like all games are the same since back then. They've evloved as much as any other form of entertainment. And playing with a remote isn't forced upon you per se, either. You're losing interest because you're you.

I've been playing since those days too and I love games pretty much the same, in some cases more than ever.

zackacloud2571d ago

I could't find a points it just stupid article without any reason

plub plub blup

RyuCloudStrife2571d ago

Cuz of all the AWSOME games coming out this year :)

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