Duke Nukem Forever more popular with female gamers than most triple-A titles

Duke Nukem Forever is more popular amongst female gamers than most triple-A titles and has a higher percentage of females fans on Facebook than Borderlands.

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theafroman2840d ago

of course look at duke he's sex appeal, everything a girl wants in a man.

Passthemic2840d ago

It's either that or the fact he can kick ass and chew bubblegum at the same time.

NRG2840d ago

That and he doesn't take himself too seriously like "triple-A titles".

HolyOrangeCows2840d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

They want to control a urinating joystick.

100% of women wish they could pee standing up. It's true. Do not deny it.

LOL...I was really expecting the possibility of a raging female poster, not a medical lesson. Stop taking things so seriously. When you see hyperbole, (like 100% of women) you're free to realize I'm joking around.

Bear_Grylls2840d ago

My missus says the same thing... Usually followed by squatting sucks lol.

Hail to the KING baby!

Kos-Mos2840d ago

Off topic, but in case you don`t know squat about human anatomy, men should sit down while taking a piss. It can damage your single barrelled pump action bollock yoghurt shotgun when you stand over time that is.
I know it sounds awfully gayish, but this is the truth and you have to deal with it.
Or else when you get old....well I won`t say anything. Ask your great grandfather.
Pride or health? Yer choice.

On topic:
What kind of female gamers are we talking about?

Bear_Grylls2839d ago

HAHA funny one Kos-Mos.

I've seen me old boy sitting to pee for that very reason...

Pride for me baby

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General Shrooms2840d ago

Duke does it all for the ladies.

snaileri2840d ago

"Don't worry girls, there's plenty of Duke to go around!"

C L O U D2840d ago

Remember that Guile Theme goes with everything meme?

Well Guile don't have s*** on Duke Nukem and his theme

The_Quiet_Man2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

"Duke Nukem Forever more popular with female gamers" that's because the Duke's got

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