Duke Nukem Eventually: Disappointment by the numbers

It's only taken 14 years to achieve the limitless joy of using an interactive urinal. Can you believe it?

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JamesDeRosa2840d ago

I have to agree...Duke looks like he's in bad shape.

choadley2840d ago

Duke Nukem will likely disappoint. However, as a writer I do have to say there's a catharsis in just getting the thing done.

Serinous2840d ago

wow if u put it that way, this game will surely disappoint..

Zinc2840d ago

Yeah, I use to be a killjoy too, until I figured it out.

You should figure it out too.

In closing, figure it out.

CaptainGreece2840d ago

How bout let the game come out first?

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The story is too old to be commented.