Dark Souls No Demo / DLC Planned

ProductReviews: Although you may have heard reports about an upcoming Demon’s Souls sequel as far back as September last year, it wasn’t until last week that the Dark Souls game – which was previously known as Project Dark – was finally confirmed as coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year

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mushroomwig2776d ago

No demo? How else am I supposed to try the game BEFORE I decide to buy it? That says to me that they're not completely confident in their product, why else would they refuse to let people play before spending money?

Raendom2776d ago

So you only buy games if they have a demo? You're missing out on SO many games.

mushroomwig2776d ago

Mostly, unless it's a sequel to a game I've played in the past (I bought Uncharted 2 without trying the game).

You're probably right though, I might be missing out on quite a few games I'd love.

cappakrako2775d ago


this is a sequel (well it's the spiritual successor to demon's souls). IMO demon's souls is the best game to come out this generation and dark souls sounds just as good. we'll see though, if dark souls is a dud there is still cursed crusade and that looks extremely promising.

JAMurida2776d ago


It's called Gamefly. You should check it out.

Chaos692776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

So now, you think the U.S = the world?
Not every country has a Gamefly store you know.

NukaCola2775d ago

GameFly is good for the States.
LoveFiLM is great for the UK(Maybe other countries)

But still if you need to get a feel, try Demon's Souls as this is a spritual successor to that.

Vorgier2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )


Wow calm down bro. Excuse him for assuming someone lived in the US. Sheesh.

Trevonn2775d ago

well rent it then if not your loss besides it takes resources to make demos u no those resouces used to make the game it just shows they wanna focus on the game

Kalowest2775d ago

Demon's Souls didn't have a DEMO, but it sold well, got high scores, and was fun as hell to play. Dark Souls is going to turn out the same way.

Surfaced2775d ago

I don't think thatgamecompany is planning to have a demo for Journey, either.

There are certain games where I don't mind if there is no demo available. Having played Demon's Souls, I'm fairly confident this successor will be worthwhile.

But there's always the option of watching a video of someone else playing it.

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FailOverHero2776d ago

I'm just glad to get news about the game not relating to how difficult they plan on making it. I mean ok we get it, it will be hard

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2775d ago

LOL Ditto

I was so worried about the difficulty cuz til recently I was still having problems with Demons Souls.

negroguy2776d ago

No demo since people would rage over it.

flyingmunky2775d ago

I don't really care about a demo since I'll be buying Dark Souls regardless. What interested me was that tidbit about the game being bigger than Demon's Souls, by 50%!

Besides throwing noobies into the world of Dark Souls might give a very bad impression. They could try to do a demo of the tutorial (if there even is one in this game...) but it might seem too easy and generic. If they place the demo later in the game the proper difficultly would be there, but it would seem crushing to someone new to the series.

maverick402775d ago

50%???? WOW that is awesome news but I wonder will it be on 2 discs for the 360 if it is 50 percent bigger? demon's souls was 6.6gb.

Trevonn2775d ago

its iver 2disks or the game is getting held back graphicly

maverick402775d ago

who cares if there is no demo! You can get Demon's souls for cheap now. Buy that and if you like it you will love Dark souls. I know I will love this game without needing to play the demo.

cappakrako2775d ago

I agree but I do have 1 worry. If the weapon upgrade system is similar how will grinding enemies play out? In demon's souls I could warp to certain places within a level from the nexus by opening up archstones. With no nexus how will I warp? Is it going to be more like FF XII where you warp archstone to archstone?

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