Halo 3: Shacknews Single Player Campaign Review

The part of Halo 3 with which Shacknews most takes issue is a sudden shift later in the game to gameplay that feels like it should be played as a run-and-gun shooter whose level design does not really lend itself to the open Halo-style tactical combat-but playing it as a run-and-gun, particularly at higher difficulty levels, seems nearly impossible even after playing through the rest of the game on those same diffculty levels.

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JokesOnYou4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

Still it sounds like a good review, last paragraph says alot:

"The hordes of Halo fans who simply want more Master Chief will be satisfied by a continuation of the series' established gameplay, while the hardcore players who are looking for more will find that the four-player co-op, skulls and scoring, graded difficulty system, and films will provide them with far more replayability than any campaign has any right to. And that's without even touching the true multiplayer side."