Touchscreen Gaming: Simple Is Better

Steve Haske writes, "Historically, my relationship with cell phone games has been relatively flaky. Before the era of the iPhone and the advent of touchscreen devices, I owned a few Samsung or LG flip phones, and every so often would find myself scrolling through their primitive browsers, trying to judge whether it was worth it to buy a five dollar game based on a press release description and maybe a single low-res screen. Yet, for all the fun that Gradius and, say, Tetris afforded me when America was getting what was arguably its first real taste of the cellular app addiction that’s been the norm in Japan for years, I rarely played these games for more than few minutes. I guess this isn’t abnormal for cell phone titles, perhaps by virture of their platform alone. In fact, the only cell phone game I remember actually beating is Doom RPG, which for some reason I actually found engaging enough to sit down and play through its entire eight-or-so hour span."

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