TGS: Naruto: PS3 Project Cam Trailer

Here is some leaked camera footage of the Naruto: PS3 Project trailer from the Tokyo Game Show. Surprisingly, there has been no coverage of the game on any game site.

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Ogrekiller3977d ago

rise of a ninja looks way better

AznSniper3977d ago

It's fine. We have our own opinions so you're not offending anyone.

_insane_cobra3977d ago

I think they both look nice and very similar, as far as visuals are concerned. One thing that confuses me is the "PROJECT BEGINS 2008" line at the end of the teaser. If the development starts in 2008, then knowing Ubisoft, they'll already have 2 or 3 Xbox 360 Naruto games out by the time this PS3 project materializes.

Douche3977d ago

It's funny how one guy who helped make the 360's Naruto said it can't be done on the PS3, but then this happens. In his ugly face. He was prolly payed to say that. I saw the 360's gameplay for Naruto and it looked like a pretty fun game, I guess. The trailer for the PS3's project looks pretty cool though.

ShiftyLookingCow3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

so is this a fighting game or something like 360 Naruto?

edit: the part of the video that confused me was when he was running through some buildings, it looked similar to 360 videos. But thanks for clarifying.

AznSniper3977d ago

As you can see, it is a fighting game, but no specific details yet.

icechai3977d ago

might be adventure or a diff take on fighting. As the part in the video you see Naruto AND Sakura attacking Kakashi. 2v1 fighting?? Also a possibility.

romemac73977d ago

nice!!! i love naruto anime i see it all the time and i have all the ps2 game to, can't wait to play this on my ps3.

power of Green 3977d ago

I agree with both you guys... This video's funny...

Rise of a ninja's more like an action RPG/adventure titles. Ubisoft developed a sleeper for sure.

KoolMan3977d ago

whats so next gen about this one?

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The story is too old to be commented.