IGN - Tales from Space: About a Blob Review

DrinkBox Studios' newest platformer to jump its way to the PlayStation Network--Tales from Space: About a Blob--is a fun, quirky side-scroller with plenty of personality. You play as an alien blob, sliding, squeezing, and wall jumping your way out of an easily-distracted scientist's eerie lab. Your one calling in life is to absorb things to make you bigger, as well as to spit said things out to solve small puzzles on your quest to wreak havoc on the world.

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Pixelated_Army2779d ago

F**k off IGN. Stop submitting this site's garbage will you? Thanks.

despair2779d ago

I thought the demo was pretty decent, so good to see the score but way too many PSN/XBL games are retailing at $15.00 when they seem like $10.00 value, this new trend needs to stop.