How Long Until Gaming Sees A Real Female Protagonist?

Reflecting upon the heroes that have been sweeping gaming lately it's hard for me not to wonder where all the girls are. Not in the sense that I want to see more ladies popping all over gaming, it's never gone well when a company has simply decided to inject a random character simply to meet a gender/race quota. But with characters like Isaac Clarke redefining the face of survival horror and Nathan Drake's sharp wit and smooth moves making its way to the big screen, it's hard not to wonder where the female leads are. This isn't to say that they don't exist, but why hasn't a developer taken the time to make a female lead that doesn't embrace the typical 'girl' characteristics?

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mephman2862d ago

I think the new Lara Croft design might help, but it's true, the only real female protagonists recently have been satirical jokes.

ShawnCollier2862d ago

Bayonetta being one in particular.

TeaRunner2862d ago

Zoe from The Longest Journey (Dreamfall) is the one that comes to mind. Funcom (the developer) has yet to release the last chapter in her story. But it's coming in the future. I think she really fits into that universe.

Also that girl from Beyond Good and Evil comes to mind. There are still companies that treat the female lead with respect, although they are few and far between.

hotgamergirl2862d ago

This gen has had some decent female leads.

Nariko (Heavenly Sword) although skankily clad was a strong female lead.

Faith (Mirror's Edge) was a strong female lead.

Samus (Metroid Trilogy) as always is a strong female lead.

Zoe and Rochelle (Left 4 Dead) Technically not lead characters, but they are a few of the only women to survive a zombie apocalypse they must be strong.

There have been some, but still Samus is the only one who stands up there, which is sad, girls kick butt too.

UnSelf2862d ago

i always thought there was goin to be a female agent you can pick in Crackdown.

At least thats what GI's cover story woulda had u believe

HolyOrangeCows2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

"Nariko (Heavenly Sword) although skankily clad"
I say if Kratos can wear a loincloth, Nariko can wear what she wears, lol.

"did people already forget about faith from mirrors edge? That game was awesome!"
That's the problem...all of the games with good female protagonists are forgotten. So devs just plop a massive set of boobies on the character, strip her down to nearly nothing, and move on.

frostyhat1232861d ago

Am i the only one who doesn't care about not having a female protagonist?

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SkyCrawler2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I liked Heavenly Swords protagonist. Heavy Rain's was ok too I guess. Bayonetta was eye candy (for those that found her to be).

Edit: Lightning killed me with her one toned emotions. At least my opinion of her...

Lamarthedancer2862d ago

Lighting was just bland and depressing

TheDivine2862d ago

Trip from enslaved was a great female character. Reach had a female in it, not the lead but all 6 characters were important. Gears 3 finally has a woman in it too. Its come a long way.

Headquarters112862d ago

did people already forget about faith from mirrors edge? That game was awesome!

shooterexpert2862d ago

How long until that real female protagonist makes male characters a sammich.

hotgamergirl2862d ago

How long until your maturity kicks in...NEVER.

nskrishna22862d ago

People like you is why gaming is dominated by Male Leads....

shooterexpert2861d ago

I actually don't mind female characters.

I do have one firm belief though, you don't mix female and male characters in online shooters.

Female characters would be smaller and have smaller hit boxes. there is no need to unbalance a game this way.

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DrRichtofen2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Madison Paige from Heavy Rain was one of best new female characters I've seen in a while.

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tweex2862d ago

FFXIII-2 seems to be focusing more on Lightning. Not necessarily the ideal female protagonist that Adam seems to be talking about, but it's a far cry better than some of the others out there.

Hardedge2862d ago

I think a lot of JRPGs fall into this trap. Most of their female characters are either really shallow or just plain fan service.

WildArmed2862d ago

lol current gen JRPGs yes,
not old-goldies last SNES, PS1, etc era.

But I believe we've seen some great female protagonist, off the off of my head, Resident Evil comes to mind.

ActionBastard2862d ago

Silent Hill 3. Dug it more than 2.

TOSgamer2862d ago

Jeanne D'arc for PSP. Too bad no one bought it.

Exquisik2862d ago

Valkyria Chronicle
Valkyrie Profile

Two awesome RPGs with Female Protagonists but yet no one bought them either.

tunaks12862d ago

lack of samus in this article.

Eamon2862d ago

I think it's due to how she was portrayed in Other M.

Xander-RKoS2861d ago

I think ignoring her as a female character is bit more insulting than saying she no longer is one (I don't think that, but lack of Samus did disappoint in this article)

tunaks12862d ago

sure she had emotions (which is not bad) but she still kicked ass, 1 controversial game shouldn't erase years of awesomeness.

ChickeyCantor2862d ago


callahan092862d ago

Female Shepherd from Mass Effect never gets the credit she deserves...

Theo11302862d ago

So much better than Shepard

callahan092862d ago

Hahaha. Whoops. I spelled the name wrong, oh well.

Ducky2862d ago

Cate Archer never gets the credit she deserves.

Coincidentally, most of the characters in NOLF1 never gave her any credit either. =(

ChickeyCantor2862d ago

Most of the time i'm paragon, i think that made her a far better character.