OXCGN’s Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Review


"After eagerly awaiting the new map packs for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and being sorely disappointed both times, I am pleased to say that this is not the case with the First Strike DLC for Black Ops.

"The map pack consists of 4 new multiplayer maps and 1 zombie mode map. Not being a huge Zombie mode player, I will get to that last and will list the other maps in order from my least favourite to my favourite."

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XboxOZ3602838d ago

I just want some Single Player add-ons please . . . sure, Multiplayer stuff is all well and good, but there's a huge market out there that buys games, keeps them, and play the heck out of them on Single player mode, and love to have more content.

There's more than enough evidence to show Single Player content SELLS.

Proeliator2838d ago

If we could get more expansions like that of BFBC2: Vietnam, but with single player modes as well, then the industry would be back on track.

I miss the days of anticipating the bi-monthly Fallout 3 DLC installment...

bluwulf2838d ago

Its pretty safe to say if Activision saw profit in that,they would do it.

edwineverready2838d ago

Sold black ops today got 30 euro which i will put towards KZ3. Alot of my friends still play it and I hope they make the jump to KZ3. If not I just have to make kz Friends. On topic. I only bought Map packs for the first MW. After that never again to expensive and not original enough.

XboxOZ3602838d ago

Agreed . .Q? If they offered an additional Single Player mode, or extension as an expansion pack, would you buy it as opposed to just MP maps as they do now?

edwineverready2838d ago

Yes I would. With M.A.G they offered maps including new game modes and i bought all there packs. It would be great to get extra single player content especialy for FPS that have a online co-op campaign.

XboxOZ3602838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

I'm getting more and more disillusioned with many Publishers these days, especially with those that push the developer, [as we have to remember, it's the PUBLISHER that dictates what the development house does, not the other way round], to make MP only content, 90% of which is simply a map, some weapons, and that's it.

Even looking at these maps as far as graphics go, they pale to what the single player segment offers, so there's no real enthusiasm to buy them.

They look rough, rushed and very haphazzard, which can be said of many MP map purchases these days.

I say they allowed the purchase of new weapons for use in SP, or added another SP segment that used bots and or co-op, they'd sell through the roof.

But the desire to make a quick buck, at minimal costs is all that drives many publishers these days, and at the expense of the development house's reputation - sadly.


True re your last comment, The same happened with Red Dead Redemption, Far Cry 2, Ace Combat (huge fan) and suchlike.

Sadly 'some' publishers that are not in-house, tend to push their studios to do minimal work for maxium returns . . . . which only has a negative effect on staff and management of the studio.

CoD will become the Guitar Hero/DJ Hero of the FPS genre, and bleed the franchise to extinction within 2 yrs - sadly.

That does not mean other well-meaning studios will not do a good job, they will, but it does show that some publishers do not have their customer base in mind, just the bottom line.

SUre, all need to watch that bottom line, it's what they (anyone) are in business for, but there's a balance that can be struck . . .

bluwulf2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Yet you still rate it an 8 OZ....


Gaming industry am sad.

XboxOZ3602838d ago

Well, I wasn't the 'reviewer', as I'm just not into MP style gaming now. So it's a personal thing, as are all reviews . . . .

It comes down to that persons 'experience' of the game at the time they played it.

So for what it offers someone who loves MP gaming, I suppose it's a fair score, wouldn't you say?

edwineverready2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

"Even looking at these maps as far as graphics go, they pale to what the single player segment offers, so there's no real enthusiasm to buy them."

This is not the case with KZ2/3.
There mp maps graphics are up to par with sp.
What I liked about the KZ2 map packs was that every map had a special game changing element like wind or a moving train which you could fall off. This made me wanne buy the map packs i was curious. This is the only example i have because i only own a ps3. there must be a good example for a xbox360 exclusive also.

awesomeperson2838d ago

Or the nuke map!

The train one was bloody awesome though I have to say XD

solar2838d ago

paying for maps, hell no. i refuse and will never do it. paying for content is a different story....

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