Can We Get Another Turn-Based CRPG Already?

Did you ever play those old computer role-playing games with turn-based combat and grid-based maps? Don’t you wish someone would make a modern version of such games?

No? Well, I do, so read this anyway!

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specialguest2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

I still remember way back during the early 90s looking at a Might and Magic ad on an old video game magazine, and dreaming about what it was like playing it.

Letros2475d ago

There are some coming, whether or not they will be any good is another thing. Check out

Dead State
Age of Decadence
The Broken Hourglass

bluebogle2474d ago

I've been very excited about Dead State actually. The second two both look interesting. Need to keep my eye on those. I couldn't find anything about the last two however. You got the developer name or a link?

Letros2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

Dropship is being done by Laid-Back Gaming(some ex-troika)


Info -

Northstar is by Kerberos Productions, but I was mistaken, it sounds more like a space sim rpg,

wooglah2474d ago

I would kill for another Arcanum / Fallout 2.