Playr: What Did We Learn From the LA Noire Video

Playr writes, "Yep, whilst the first videos released not surprisingly focussed on some of the big story points, in particular tracking down a serial killer, this video demonstrated that this is likely to be Rockstar's most cerebral game to date.

Yep, it will have all the usual stuff - crime, car chases, shootouts, a great story, great characters - but it will also have a very strong procedural element. Phelps is a good guy, who it seems (largely) operates within the law. And though we've already seen him attempt to lean on people a little, it's pretty clear that his greatest weapon will be his intellect."

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DlocDaBudSmoka2863d ago

i learned May 18th can't come fast enough.

Belasco2863d ago

This is without a doubt showing us a mere glimpse of what the next gen will bring, going by what I see here.

Malebaria2863d ago

Agreed. The level of immersion whilst interrogating a victim seems to be one of a kind this gen.

aviator1892863d ago

Finally, something that could be revolutionary in video-gaming!
...At least, that's what I'm hoping for!

silvacrest2863d ago

that facial animations in LA noire are almost on par with real live facial expressions

seriously, those animations were just....

no_more_trolling2863d ago

because they were real facial capture by real actors

silvacrest2863d ago

yeah i no that, but considering how good it looks you would think it would be used more in games

stuntman_mike2863d ago

at last a conversation engine that doesnt look like two mannequins break dancing.

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