Final Thoughts: Tokyo Game Show Bigger, More Irrelevant Than Ever

Nintendo - the company responsible for a gaming renaissance in Japan - did not show up at the TGS this year. Hardware makers Sony and Microsoft anchored this year's TGS 2007, but third-party developers like Capcom showed off more Wii titles than both PS3 and Xbox 360 titles combined.

Sony's Japan studios had never quite needed to show their Western titles at the TGS. This year, however, Sony's booth was filled up with all kinds of Western games that the Japanese attendees really didn't care about.

But at least Microsoft continued to make Sony look good with their lineup...

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nix3767d ago

what surprise do you expect??? q:

yeah.. Wii was missed, i guess!

midgard2293767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

they had nothing to show that they didnt show at e3, only mario and smash bros, thats all they make anyway

holy crap lol rygar for wii is a port of a very old ps2 game lol!!! check magic box, LOL!!!!!! i thought it was a sequal but its another port

lonestarmt3767d ago

o man are you serious? its a port, Gosh that means the only thing to look forward to in 2008 for the wii is fire emblem, resident evil umbrella, and no more heroes not good. Maybe the wii has gotten a little over confident.

The main thing i cared about was ff13 and ff vs 13 but they didn't even release the trailers so dumb. At least we got to see the MGS and white knight story demo....