The Activision Way: Make Bucketloads, Fire Employees - No Gamer Left Behind

Despite raking in 4.45 billion dollars last quarter the company is still letting go around 500 employees, mostly related to the music game genre.

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Trroy2777d ago

Wasn't 4.45B their revenue, not their profits? There's a difference... a pretty big one.

nicholaswrites2777d ago

They made $418 million in profit. I don't think they had to cut nearly 500 employees

flyingmunky2777d ago

Closing 7 studios, that just seems rude in this economic climate. I understand that Activision is all about the bottom line but couldn't they have at least tried out a new ip unrelated to the music industry through some of these studios before canning 500 people.

Also can you imagine how many people a fresh graduate in video game programming would have to go through to get a job now? I had 50 applicants to my minimum wage job in a small town, I imagine even a posting for test gets like ten times as many applicants. Its sick the times we are living in.

ActionBastard2776d ago

7 Studios is the name of the studio in L.A., not 7 different studios closed. The title should be "The Business Way" b/c nothing is immune. Ask EA.

kornbeaner2776d ago

They closed Bizarre, cancelled on United front, The studio behind DJ hero was closed, don't really know whats going to happen to neversoft with Tony Hawk flopping and Guitar hero killed off, closing 7 Studio which was going to handle something yet unannounced plus other shut-offs that were unannounced. So while flyingmunky read it wrong his pretty close to the number of studios they closed.

Kon2776d ago

I liked activision back in the PS1 days, where they were just a normal company. Now they are a bunch of greedy mofos.

GoldPS32776d ago

They also butt rap the pockets of ignorant people

ugabugaz2776d ago

It's simply business. I don't know why you guys care to blame Activision. The studio in question was just a piece of rotten flesh, so they cut it out. Would you keep something like that? Of course not.

Orochi Avlis2776d ago

It's for several reasons. They acquire studios and then dissolve them. Rather than give them new projects, they just decided to get rid of them. So, what's the point of buying them then?
Another reason is that this is Activision's fault, not the devs but management. Management wanted to whore out their franchise on a yearly basis, without realizing that you can ride a cash cow for oh so long. So, innocent people get fired because some management suit makes wrong decisions.
Another reason is they raked in tremendous profits, but are still letting people go. And those who fired said people, will get extra bonuses because they saved the company money.

Sure you can say its business, but it's a slimey way of doing business, and that's what has people upset.

And another thing is that gamers want gamers developing games, not some guy in a suit and tie whose bottom line is profit.
I'm not saying anybody who wants to turn a profit is that type of person, obviously there are bills to be paid. I'm just saying a profit only mentality is differently from somebody who wants to make a good game that sells.

--------2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )


Although I'm glad franchises like Guitar Hero won't continue to be released, Activision just go about a lot of things the wrong way (as far as the gaming community is concerned)

It seems as if to them, everything is expendable - and they don't listen to the gamers, they just listen to sales. Which, unfortunately - is still just business, slimey or not. Definitely agree with the "guy in a suit" analogy.

That's not necessarily the different studios making the games, but the people at Activision who tell the studios what to do. They're not exactly nazis, but they could be going about things a lot differently.

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