Zotac release GTX 560 Ti with 950Mhz core speed

The stock core speed of the 560 Ti is 822MHz, but Zotac has squeezed another 128Mhz of processing power out of her, rounding off with an impressive core speed of 950Mhz.

The new card also comes with a download coupon for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, which has a PC release date of February 22nd.

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im-12-years-old2864d ago

Im waiting for the gtx460 to drop in price.

Motorola2864d ago

The cheapest I have seen it is about 200. How much lower can it get?

EyeContact2864d ago


Psst, check out the name ^^

TOSgamer2864d ago

You can get a Galaxy gtx 460 768mb for $90 right now after $60 in rebates.

TOSgamer2864d ago

Its at Just do a search for 60XMH6HS3HMW . May have to add like $4 for shipping. But you can get that back going through a website like

im-12-years-old2864d ago

I can get one now but im also going for an ssd. Im on a budget here after all I am only 12.

@TOSgamer I will pass on that 786mb.If im going to get that I might as well get the gtx 460 SE. Neither of those i want...

Bear_Grylls2864d ago

I understand why this card is good but why the 950Mhz core speed???

My old HD4890X2 runs stock 975Mhz, I get that it is no where as good in other departments but like, big whoop? There are better clock speeds on other cards available at the moment now anyway.

TOSgamer2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

1. You can not get a SE for $90 after rebates.
2. The gtx 460 768mb is faster then a SE. The SE is crap for the price and its just Nvidia trying to monetize all their defective chips.

Also not sure what the obsession people have with getting the 1gb model. Its 5% to 10% faster. It doesn't make a game that isn't playable on the 768 mb magically playable. So why pay a 75% plus mark up for it. But your dough do what you want.


You can't compare an amd card to a nvidia card when it comes to specs. That's like saying an amd card has 1600 shaders but nvida cards only have 400 to 500. They are different architectures. For a nvida card to hit 1ghz is much higher then their past cards.

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TABSF2864d ago

I've already seen GTX 560 Ti released at 1GHz Engine 2GHz Shaders 4GHz Memory.

TOSgamer2864d ago

Is this really news? Gigabyte had a 1ghz card available on release day.

peowpeow2864d ago

No it isn't lol, and what you said

Xfanboy2864d ago

2 of these in sli & I'll be good for awhile..

Too_many_games2864d ago

Quite happy with my GTX450 do not need to upgrade...again..

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