Game Informer Magazine gives Halo 3 A 9.75 / 10

Almost two years after the Xbox 360's release, Microsoft's marquee franchise finally comes home. With a satisfying campaign closure to the series' epic story arc, unprecedented multiplayer options, an innovative video recording feature, and heretofore unseen console mod tools, Halo 3 lives up to every bit of its ever-expanding reputation.

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Bathyj4102d ago

No ones ever going to give this game a bad score. They would be to scared too.

7 1/2 hours to go.

iceice1234102d ago

A no name site gave it an 8.8 or so. If they give it a good review like the big name trusted sites nobody will care. But if they're different and rate it lower it will get them more hits.

WIIIS14102d ago

The only people who are scared are you-know-who.

i Shank u4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

How do you have 7 hrs left? ive got 10 1/2! ahhh thats right, fckin aussie time, damn you youre almost a day ahead! thats sic for ya
if anyone is too scared to score a game low, they're a (in the words of Jimmy) puh-puh-puh-puhssy! and shouldnt review games.

BTW my internet was broke for 4 days, just got it fixed in time for H3 wooooo

secur1ty9114102d ago

Is this game that fun? What the!!!!!!!! I only wished that Microsoft recalled all the 360's that become RROD because I won't buy the current models on the market. I f*ckin waiting for the Falcon Models.

If SONY doesn't release any game yet alone first party game (exclusives) on their console thats rated a AAA before Christmas I'll be very very disgusted with them and if after Christmas when KZ2 or MGS4 gets released and they're not classified as a AAA title - Well let's just put it this way by then the Falcon Model 360 will be out and I'll be buying Gears of War and Halo3 and it also seems that the 360 is coming out with some interesting other titles that are worth buying too. I don't know - but looking at all these f*ckin 10 scores from Halo3 makes me want to go to SONY Headquarters and have a emergency board meeting and probably fire a couple of executives.

tomfoolery4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )


magqcc74102d ago

This is one of those cases where everyone has fallen prey to that old principle.Where if you keep hearing something over and over again, you eventually begin to believe that it's true.All you hear is that Halo is great, over and over again, and now everyone actually believes this crap.I finally got the chance to play Bioshock and was expecting some earth-shattering experience to say the least.Well it turned out to be just what I would consider just slightly above average.I myself would personally give it about an 8.5.In my case money is not an issue it's a tool so I have both systems(the wii is blasphemy in my opinion).HS is the shi+ right now in my opinion,Lair sucked huuge balls.Of course I haven't played Halo 3, my opinion comes from what I've seen and from reviewers.People seem as though they're afraid to give an honest score to this game.Oh well guess I'll rent this from gamefly and give a more concise hands-on opinion.

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