Raptr infographic auto-tracks 10 billion minutes and 150 million game achievements

According to a new infographic released by the gaming startup, over 40,000 games are now auto-tracked by the company, which is made possible by its PC client. Also, Raptr's gaming collection is worth more than $1.7 million dollars.

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kamehamehaftw2861d ago

Awesome! There are some pretty interesting gaming stats here.

moogle842861d ago

10 BILLION gaming minutes. Not bad... actually wondering how this compares to Korea's Starcraft crazies.

UNCyrus2861d ago

Too bad they still don't have a Mac client...

Kon2861d ago

I'm part of the stats =D I use Raptr regularly.

KRAZNASTY2861d ago

yes so am i, i love this system so much, its works for all games.

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