Cosplayer Creates DIY Cut The Rope Bikini

Turns out the recently-added Valentine's Day levels aren't the only seasonal treat we're getting this week. A fan of Cut The Rope has created a distinctive star and candy themed bikini, and she's even got instructions so you can make your own.

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Viewtiful2747d ago

I do hereby endorse this type of activity.

Cutter202747d ago

Agreed, it's an awesome idea for Valentine's Day.

Kon2747d ago

Boobs in the front page = click

Xander7562747d ago

Hey at least it is video game-related.

ThanatosDMC2747d ago

Argh! Where's the full body shot?!

Bounkass2747d ago

I bet this heat will go up FAST.

VenomProject2747d ago

Instant 1000°!


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