Google Adverts say 'NO' to Homefront but 'YES' to Bulletstorm

@XG247: A rather controversial Google Advert has landed on our very own website, simply saying "Forget Homefront".

The Google Advert in question was seen on our recent Homefront trailer here on XG247. with the following details:

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Akuma212661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

How about i decide what i want and not some retarded advert.

@below i was talkin bout the advert guess i should have put that.

Thrungus2661d ago

I think you'll find that its a Google Advert saying that. Not the article.

DoomeDx2661d ago

I think its funny how the adverts says: GOW.

Which can also be God of War, of Gears of War. ( Not everybody knows the publisher/developer for Bulletstorm :) )

Thrungus2661d ago

You can only have a certain amount of characters in a google advert. If only it was God of War ;)

StbI9902661d ago

Gof of W franchise > Gear of farts anyday.

Christopher2661d ago

***How about i decide what i want and not some retarded advert. ***

I hope people know that it's EA saying this and not Google. They just pay Google to put the advert out their, not what it says.

Oxymoron0282661d ago

At first I thought "Hmm Bulletstorm seems interesting". But now? Fuck that. Their shitty ad campaign has put me off this game now.

Will probably pick it up dirt cheap in a few months.

Oxymoron0282660d ago

Awww look at all the upset people disagreeing with my opinion. :D

Jezuz2660d ago

@StbI990 how bout we just have fun with both?

blumatt2660d ago

I'm more excited for Homefront than Bulletstorm, personally. Homefront reminds me of Freedom Fighters from the PS2.

blumatt2660d ago

lol Why disagree with what I said. haha I...I am more excited for Homefront than Bulletstorm. That's called an opinion. lol

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user8586212661d ago

Just played Frontlines and now have lost all interest in homefront

AcesHigh2912661d ago

WOW kinda shitty move if EA is paying to have this AD up.

Hazmat132661d ago

homefront ima play for story, multiplayer. bulletstorm im just gonna play for story.. does it have a story??

N4g4lyfe2661d ago

THQ started it a few weeks ago with "Forget Battlefield, play Homefront":

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