First-person shooters have gamers locked and loaded

Your footsteps echo in the eerily empty halls of Rapture. Water splashes your face as it streams from the ruptured walls of the once-utopian underwater city. Something stirs from behind. You spin around just in time to see a man -- or something that once was a man -- lurch toward you, cackling maniacally and firing a revolver.

You jab a hypo of a revitalizing elixir into your left forearm, and soon an icy blast shoots out of your palm, freezing the attacker. You fire at the frigid goon with a shotgun, shattering him into a zillion tiny shards.

Welcome to "BioShock," an Xbox 360 title that's one of the most talked-about video games going. So is "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption" for the Nintendo Wii. And don't forget "Halo 3," an Xbox 360 title being hailed as the video game of the year ahead of its release at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday.

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ReBurn4100d ago

I wish that I were better at FPS games. They seem to be the best online experience out there right now.