GamingExcellence: Gran Turismo 5 Review

GamingExcellence: Ultra-realistic racing experience, 1000+ cars, different race types, drool worthy visuals, actual (albeit minor) damage model, up to 16 cars per race.

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rezzah2597d ago

Ive seen games reviewed a year later. This really is nothing. I think MAG might be one of them due to the big changes within the game itself.

ilikestuff2597d ago


no, just about the right time to review, this guy put the time in, experienced all the ins and outs and boom! gave a real deal review. and with that being said i think im gonna go take a poop now because i can feel it crowning

linko18-19902597d ago

Well at least they did get to finish the game b4 reviewing.

Masterchef20072597d ago

At least they took their time with the game and gave it a good review something that most journalist didnt do with this title.

Master of Unlocking2596d ago

Good review. It takes that to properly review a game like GT5.