Nielson's numbers as of 16th September ,2007

Blu-ray leads HD DVD 61% : 39%

Spiderman 3 tops the chart of highest grossers followed by Shrek :The Third and Transformers

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ReBurn3737d ago

I find the page that was linked to very hard to read.

Lord Anubis3737d ago

Ultimatum is at number 6

btw, expand the image or increase the resolution.

Bigmac5733737d ago

Wonder how long this war will drag on r if they can come to some kind of truce.

aiphanes3737d ago

With Spiderman 3 being on top...

I think Paramount might have made the wrong deal...we will see after christmas 2007.....

wangdiddy823737d ago

at the top 20 at the box office.. 15 of those movies will make it over to blu ray.. looking good for the br camp

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The story is too old to be commented.