10 Reasons PC Crysis 2 will kick consoles' Asses!

Crytek didn't show PC footage of Crysis 2 yet. Noone knows why, but rumours say it could rock. We don't like rumours that's why we trust in tech demos. PC Games shows 10 Cry Engine 3 Tech Demos that show off the real PC's power. Power that will definitely make PC Crysis 2 kick consoles' asses. Check the tech after the jump!

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Maikrobi2718d ago

I can't wait until march! I definitely gonna play Crysis 2 on the PC!

hennessey862718d ago

it to be honest. Ever sinse i played crysis on my friends pc ive wanted crysis on consoles. Even at 720p it blew anything on my ps3 and 360 away easily. I thought the demo looked stunning especially due to the fact that its running on a really limited console now but hey valve got halflife 2 to run on the original xbox.

Ducky2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

... but HalfLife2 wasn't really that intensive. Source engine's scalability would've helped too.

There's a few games that could rival Crysis2's graphics on either consoles. Still, Crytek is trying to put up a visual show. Competition is always nice to push things forwards.

jammydude2718d ago

There's more than just a few console games that could rival Crysis 2 visually on consoles... KZ2,KZ3,UC2,UC3,TLG,GT5,Gears, Reach etc. Crytek haven't optimised their code enough, it seems, to live up to their claims of "best looking console game"
Can't wait for the PC version, though. That's the one I'm getting ;) better be more gorgeous than Crysis 1.

Kalipekona2718d ago

The only games in the same ball park as Crysis 2 on consoles are maybe Uncharted 2, Gears of War 3, Rage, and Killzone 3.

The tech Crysis 2 is pushing is amazing for consoles.

Obviously the PC version is going to crank everything up to 10!

- Ghost of Sparta -2718d ago

Crysis 2 looks like a PS3 launch game on 360.

geodood2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Nah, C2 on consoles isn't as visually impressive as also KZ2, TLG and UC3 - there are other games but they're too different to compare.
The tech crysis 2 is pushing for consoles is pitiful. The LOD is ridiculous, the geometry and environment texture resolution is far from the best seen on consoles, the tearing isn't too impressive and the edge AA is awful - even QAA would've done a better job

PC version FTW. Console version FTFL. Not even great graphically by console standards.

kaveti66162718d ago

Reach and The Last Guardian?

Crysis 2 on 360 looks a lot better than Reach does.

And we've seen so little of TLG that making any conclusion about whether it will look better than Crysis 2 is moot.

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the worst2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Crysis 2 way overrated
Crysis 1 boring ass gameplay overrated

Velo502718d ago

Oh wow you found a Glitch. Thats so hard to find in games now days....

hiredhelp2718d ago

sorry jump on here. but WHAT!!
silly article is this trying to dismay console people. look flamebait. i have a very high powerd rig. every pc gamer knows you dont compare or boast about how a game runs looks to a console version. its gonna do the dogs dangles. but what crytek have been trying to do with the help from cryuk' (freeradical) is get a built engine to run on consoles to make them shine and perform well on consoles give gamers what they want. pc gamers who can affors to have a decent rig will always be in first place. and console gamers know this. so why is this article even being put threw.
its lame.

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SebTh2718d ago

I'm pretty sure, PC Crysis 2 must look like these tech demos!

PCA2718d ago

it would suck. Xbox 360 Demo gave me nothing =(

Started playing Crysis 1 with NaturalMod and hi res texture pack again right after the crappy paddle demo..

CaliGamer2718d ago

Wow, the PC (Upgradable) will beat the console versions (rigid and cyclical) of Crysis? I'm blown away.

Who would have thought this would be true?

In similar news, internet speeds today are much faster than they were in the 90's. What a world we live in.

--------2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )


My PS3 is a fucking beast of a console, powerful as hell as far as other consoles are concerned. But still, it baffles me when console fan-boys proclaim that their machine would destroy a $1000-$2000 gaming rig - hardware wise.

I'm not one for PC gaming myself (not my style) but if you want the worlds best graphics at the fastest speeds, buy the next graphics card. I don't really see how anyone can say that PC's are limited, if you know how to build one, you'll always have the best hardware.

Thought I'd show some love - 360 Live is awesome, the PS3 is a f-cking monster and Gaming Rigs are forever upgradeable. Fanboyism does my head in.

StbI9902718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

What matters is the games IGHT?

Jrpgs (final fantasy, blue dragon) > Geeky RPG, RTS
and all others genre no matter what d fck does grapphics add up, plays better on with my Dual shock 3 and xbox controller than that fuckery of a keyboard.

In ur fudup pc gamers.

TehStubit2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Implying JRPGs aren't geeky -_-

Pandamobile2718d ago

Lol, try not to fail so hard next time Stbl.

zero_gamer2718d ago

The Ultimate Tower reigns all.

OGharryjoysticks2718d ago

Killzone 3 eats PC graphics like breakfast cereal with the marshmallows in beer.

Nice try =)

bluwulf2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

It eats every retail released console games graphics. PC is still the bar, but the 360 has nothing to offer that competes except in 2011, a mp beta... of course we've all heard this song & dance before from the xbox community with graphics.

Its always "the next unreleased game is gunna be bettah than PS3!" Comes, releases, dudgs like alan wake and its onto the next one. "zomg RAGE is going to be the one!"

Fun fact:

While Killzone2, Uncharted 2, GT5 is all compared to Top PC graphical games...

0 360 games ever are.

tudors2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

@bluwulf a lot of people actually think the Crysis 2 demo on 360 looked better than KZ3, myself included, if all the downplaying was true then Xbox-360 should not even be capable of the graphics it produced in the demo and we haven't even seen new single player footage yet.

Tachyon_Nova2718d ago

Killzone is only compared to PC games by ignorant people who havent played pc games on a high end machine. It competes with say Metro 2033 in literally no areas graphically.

bluwulf2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Its not downplaying when I can factually say no 360 games are compared to PC graphical beasts. Its a fact. Sure, lets just say in 2011 the 360 finally has a game that can compete(which it doesn't at a technical/spec level). It just means that admittedly this entire generation has been dominated by Killzone & Uncharted. which have walked all over the 360 when it comes to visuals, unless you're saying that Crysis2 is better than KZ3, but worse than Gears? Since Kz2/uncharted walk all over the unreal engine. Its still factual what I'm saying.

Theres nothing on the 360 that can even come close to comparing to Crysis and its always been that way. The 360 is capable of running a better engine than the unreal engine for sure, But its not capable of running a MP beta with 32 players with the scale/physics/lighting/animati on/stream loading of Killzone2, let alone 3.

360 fans think this every year, over and over. Everyone claimed Alan Wake & Splinter Cell looked better than Uncharted2\MGS4. Saying one thing is different than the reality when GDC awards & tech analysis are done. Its been 5 years, and of course the only thing that 360 owners can mention once never anything from the past. Never a past release, just a future one. This isn't downplaying as well. Why isn't Crysis 2 compared to Gears2 or Halo? You know the answer.

The hilarious fact, is its a multiplatform game.

You're amazingly admitting that Crytek(LOL), has more know how & the resources to create a game engine better than all of what Sony's and Microsofts first party & third party devs have created, as well as making it multiplatform. Crytek, the same developer that was condemned for building severely bloated engines & buggy ones just on one platform, the PC. Again, its the same thing said every year, and as always.... it has none of KZ's post processing, a limited player count & scale. Doesn't stream load, etc. This means that Crytek is the best developer out, right? Since t hey've done what no 360 dev has managed to do in 5 years? Or I guess. And that means that Id will be the betterest ever-ever?

You guys are seeing deferred rendering done well for the first time, which is why its severely mind boggling to you. I remember people said Vanquish was also better than KZ2.. same pattern, different year.

Replace this years crysis with:

Splinter Cell
Alan Wake
Ninja blade
Mass Effect
Banjo Kazooie
Crackdown 2

and its the same folks saying its better than Killzone or uncharted, or ratchet, or infamous, etc.


Tachyon, well.. reviewers & media sites are morons. But they aren't stupid enough to compare Crysis to Halo & Gears. Graphically. No one is that blind.


No one ever says Killzone3 is perfect, and you're trying to rip to shreds a 800mb demo.

What you're entire useless block of text wont admit, is that KZ3 is the best looking console game out, despite its flaws, that runs 32 players online.

of course you're "I am willing to bet that" Because theres nothing on the 360 that can touch KZ3's performance/scale/lighting/str eaming all combined. Just bits and parts, hell, Call of Duty has better TEXTURES at certain points than Killzone2, but does that mean that it now qualifies to compare to the entire package? No.

The same way you try to be underwhelmed by KZ2/3, by saying the lighting is "OK" you sure as hell can apply that same exact lame comment to Crysis2, and well, every console game.

Same with your Aliasing comments, Apply that to Crysis 2 as well.

geodood2718d ago

No tudors, just no. Awful edge AA and low LOD, pop-in issues, low resolution environment textures and shadow issues do not make a better looking game than Killzone 3. The PC version will look better graphically, for sure! But the 360 beta of Crysis 2 was nowhere near killzone 3, or even killzone 2, visually.

Kalipekona2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

You guys seriously overexaggerate how good Killzone 3 looks. I have put quite a few hours into the beta and it does look great, but not as amazing as you guys are claiming.

The textures are mostly middle of the road. There are a few impressive textures here and there, but generally the textures are just average.

The lighting is ok, but it isn't really that accurate. Much of the lighting looks kind of flat. There are isolated light sources that cast shadows, but away from those direct light sources it is almost as if there is no lighting interacting with the textures. Killzone 3 definitely doesn't have real-time global illumination and true HDR lighting like Crysis 2 does.

Killzone 3 does look sharper and clearer than its predecessor as it seems Guerrilla moved away from using the Quincunx anti-aliasing used in Killzone 2. This results in a sharper, clearer looking game, but the trade off is that the jaggies are now more apparent. Whether they are indeed using the rumored MLAA or not I cannot say. All I know is that the aliasing is pretty bad and much more noticeable than in Killzone 2.

All in all it doesn't look that much better than a game like Gears of War 2. Killzone 3 has the better lighting, but Gears 2 has the better textures. I am willing to bet that Gears of War 3, with its new real-time lighting engine, will look better than Killzone 3.

Oh and Alan Wake looks far better than MGS4. They are both sub-hd, although Alan Wake is lower resolution out of the two, but in every other way Alan Wake is far more impressive from a technology perspective.

D3athc3ll2718d ago

mother $%^#$^$#!

Metro aint looking that good ffs!!! All reviews agree on my opinion. The guns and characters look like shit!!! ffs! its just a dark game with great lightning!

Anyway, Crysis 2 looking better than Killzone 3, Rofl! The pc version yes, but the 360 one! lol


You are incapable of seeing good graphics!


You seem to hate the 360! I think it also got some great looking games! If you look at how Gears of War 1 and 2 turned out, you gotta admit, they were beasts in their time! I can only think what Gears of War 3 will turn out to be!

I do agree that it cant and will not outdo the ps3 in graphics!, but most of the time, it can still compete, and most time the 360 version of the game = looks better than the ps3 one!

Lately the ps3 seem to be getting back at all those years the 360 versions of the game looked better! Maybe they just started developing for the ps3, and not just porting it over!

PS3 win the console war in terms of graphics, point!!!!

I would just like to see if the ps3, in the lifetime it got left, will be able to deliver a Crysis 1 graphics game!! Not taking the tech used in consederation, but just the look of the game! Crysis 1 was and is one good looking game!

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Chnswdchldrn2718d ago

Sorry I sort of spit on you when I laughed at that ridiculous comment

specialguest2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Sorry, but the original 2007 game Crysis is still the king of graphics.

Realistic forest mod:

More here:

Anyone who tells me KZ3 looks better than this is lying.

bluwulf2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Everyone knows the PC is the king of visuals. But its a PC, the same thing most gamers ignore and say:

1. PC gaming is a joke & its dying
2. It costs 1000000 dollars to make a crysis rig
3. I don't want to sit at a desk to play...


The PC has been thrown under the bus this entire generation as far as its significance. But now all of a sudden its relevant again?

The PC renders every single 360 vs PS3 article moot, and console visuals in general moot. However, its not as if everyone owns a PC. Its just hilarious to see how many PC fanboys there are now at days when it comes to visuals. The same way the Wii is ignored due to its appeal to casuals when it comes to sales because "Soccer moms buy them!"

Easy enough, PC is #1, PS3 is #2 since its compared to PC visuals all the time, and the 360 comes out a little bit above the Wii. Since both are never compared to the PC's visuals.

If people are always going to hide behind the PC, then that renders this entire Generation irrelevant when it comes to graphics wouldn't you say?

Killzone \ GOW3 has better visuals than anything on consoles, just like Uncharted, but not better than Crysis.

Crysis is 1 game, that everyone flopped here on n4g as well. I think the PS3 has more variety when it comes to visuals than the PC has as well. While not in wuxga, they are still good.

D3athc3ll2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )


Doesn't it bother you that pc did not bring out a better looking game than crysis 1 in the last 4 years or so?

Crysis only game looking better than ps3 exclusives!! Just shows you how well the consoles are doing in terms of graphics!

Killzone 2,3 and Uncharted 2 and GOW 3, etc. are all ps3 games that looks better than well, all pc games except crysis 1! I dont care if Call of Duty on pc looks better than the console version! Killzone aint on pc or uncharted and will never be!

Weird that they haven't showed any pc footage?? Hope it looks as good as all think!

Cant wait to see it though!

RedDead2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Woah, wtf:

I still find Crysis to be unbelievable.

There have been games that look better than ALL console games. Take a look at ARMA 2. Oh yeah and Metro 2033 on Pc. As below says.

Also :

Rubberlegs2718d ago

Which are mods, the actual game itself doesn't look any better then any major current games. PC devs build up nice engines but they never fully use every feature in them and that's when you get mods like this.

specialguest2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I'm not a PC fanboy by any stretch. I'm just replying to OGharryjoysticks who believes KZ3 is the end all be all of graphics.

Thrillhouse2718d ago

Metro 2033 on PC looks better than Crysis in many cases.

But you're right, not a lot of PC games lately have been pushing the system. That's not a testament to the power of consoles, it's just that developers aren't putting the effort in to push the PC's hardware.

DICE are doing the right thing, developing Battlefield 3 with the PC as the main platform.

D3athc3ll2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

uhmmm, no metro does not beat crysis!!!!

omp! anyway, Crysis is king yea, but you still gotta admit, ps3 visuals are outstanding taking the hardware into consideration!

Arma2 looks good yea, but no way u can compare that one on ps3 exclusives! The gun models looks shit, and the charactars looks like half life 2 :D. Great environment and grass and trees and jeeps and helicopters hehe. I sound like a fanboy, which i am a bit, but id still admit when something kick ass in terms of graphics like Crysis 1, and hopefully 2!!

Arma2 is one realistic game! Wow. And what a huge open world! Nice fps! Needs a $300 000 PC to play full graphics :D

Go read the reviews on metro plz! Aint looking that good, nor is it that good!

Has anyone played MOH airborne on pc lately. Im impressed with the graphics for such an old game! wow!!

Motorola2718d ago

KZ3 does NOT look better than that. KZ3 has the best graphics ON CONSOLES so far. I think everyone should have realized that by now....obviously PC owns it but you gotta shell out a bit of money to get gfx better than KZ3 at a insane resolution.

StbI9902718d ago

Even with that FOG...KZ cork Crisys 2 off all the way.

Next time try not to compare pics in that BIASED manner...

Foggy Vs vs black.

Master of Unlocking2717d ago

@ specialguest
That's off topic though. What you showed were mods, not the original game. Plus, Killzone 3 is not set on planet Earth, so of course it doesn't have that kind of forest.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Only Fanboys Will Say Killzone 3 Has Better Graphics Than PC, BTW Crysis 1 Waves & Says Hi

D3athc3ll2718d ago

rofl @ your commet xbox360ps3andpc!

Metro on pc aint that good! - Yeah better that the console version, but still far behind great looking console games like killzone and uncharted, etc.

gO back to playing crysis, since it's the only game u can stand on, if u want to compare visuals!

TOSgamer2718d ago

Did you see Metro 2033 PC running on a dx 11 card with tess and ADOF on? If not then you haven't see Metro 2033 PC.

jammydude2718d ago

WTF! No. Killzone 3 looks very, very good. Even for a PC game KZ3 looks amazing, it's definitely up there with the best. However, "eats PC graphics like breakfast cereal"??? No. Honestly, Crysis 1 looks much better IMO. I'd prefer to play KZ3 but Crysis 1 trumps it graphically and technically by a looong way

2718d ago
Angels37852718d ago

Crysis looks better. PERIOD. You sound VERY ignorant saying otherwise. Just look at the specs for ps3 compared to PC. Ps3 doesn't even have 1 gb of RAM!!!!!! My advice to you PLAY crysis first before you say KZ3 looks better. I was just like you I though Ps3 owned all (check my comment history) Then I bought myself a nice PC and I realized what an idiot I must have looked like saying PS3 had PC beat. Seriously...........wake up.
Here is my psn trophies in case you don't believe me.

StbI9902718d ago

All is crsis, crisis, crisis, just show pc gamer ARE indeed IN CRISIS lol

Show me one action game that looks better than Gow 3? or uncharted 2?

Any racer game than looks better than GT5 premium cars?

Any jrpg that looks better than versus XIII...

And what will be their answer?...bu bu bu bu crisis...GROW D F UP pc is not like we care about pc gaming graphics...SHOW US GAME, ^.^

mushroomwig2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I love Killzone 3 but I still had to hit the disagree button, I can't believe you honestly think that a console is technologically better than a PC.

DeathMetal14742718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

"Killzone 3 eats PC graphics like breakfast cereal with the marshmallows in beer"

Only on N4G/PS3 would a stupid fanboy comment like this get agrees.

What a sad lot you are...

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