Why Digital Distribution IS the Future (TheGamerBuzz)

In recent years, game publishers, big time and small; have tried the digital distribution platform, trying to be the first to perfect the method. Guess what: no one has been able to do it with good reason.

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Warprincess1162866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Well here one reason why it not the future. Most people in the united states and well in canada and lesser known countries. They have horrible internet service. They have bandwith limits and slow internet speed. Now im not one of those people with slow speed. Time warner in new york city is amazing but those people who are in those unfortunate situations would not like the future of digital download.

Aarix2865d ago

Yes i agree, the only digital disturbition will replace CDs and DVDs is If everyone has Internet and with fast speeds. Over here, every service is crap there's days I only get 25 kps download speed. But it makes for a second option cause I find it better to get on a apple tv or xbla and stream movies and download games. But I think DVDs and blu-rays aren't going anywhere. Same with flash memory.

AndrewRyan2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

That is these days. But it is safe to assume bandwidth will be unlimited and speeds will be very fast in the near future, which makes it safe to assume digital distribution. Also physical copies cost $10 more and are prone to breaking (disk scratch, disk drive failure, laser failure, etc)

evrfighter2865d ago

You need only look at the steam forums. There's quite a bit of Aussie pc gamers. They get a lot of respect by me due to the fact that they monitor their bandwidth like most people do their bank accounts.

Doesn't stop them from enjoying games on steam.

Jezuz2865d ago

i agree. My internet speed is BS. How long it takes to d/l 8 GB? 1 YEAR

superadvanced2865d ago

stfu im not downloading a 50 gig game now and im not gunna download the hundred gig games of the future. and i have verizon fios. 43 megabits down, 17 megabits up currently.

Pillage052865d ago

a 50 gig game would only take 2 and a half hours at that speed. Where I live I couldn't even drive to my nearest game store and get home to play it in that time lol. Too bad the best internet I can get right now is 3mbps...

Ducky2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

You described the present.
The article is about the future.

Sure the situation won't change overnight, but console gaming will probably start shifting towards digital distribution with the next-gen of consoles.

Aarix2865d ago

Yea but even in the future I just can't see digital distribution replacing physical media all together. But what I can see if them both living together. That way, people can choose to sit at home and wait a couple hours for a game to download or just go to a store and quickly get the game for a few bucks more. There's some thing that should be digital (ex. Mp3 avi's and .PDF) but when games get up to 50 gb it could take up too much time and hdd space.

StbI9902865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

only thing I think would do nice is, if Micro, sony and nintendo would go the way of CARD and no lectors ala DS or NGP...and there won't be digital distribution needed lol, that that lectors won't go nut or fail on you ala n64 but with better TECH for it not to freeze as well...

I would be happy if next consoles turn this way but I doubt, that is why, I gonna stick to handheld device for the next generation until the digital distribution hit, don't want to bother repairing shit around all the time.

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Trunkz Jr2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I use to hate Steam and always liked buying the Hardcopy of games. Then it became annoying always looking for the CD and CD keys and having to wait an extra day or so for the store to get in (in Canada). Then I decided to give Steam a try and I'm convinced I don't need to buy games in stores now (PC wise). Also, they have some really awesome deals that no store really offers.

JVIV2865d ago

HArdcopy always! F***paying money for something you cant hold

Neo Nugget2865d ago

So you never buy any downloadable games? Ever? Not even ones that are only available on the PSN or XBLA?

JVIV2865d ago

dlc yes, but when it come to me spending $60 I would prefer a hardcopy

Rageanitus2865d ago

Im slowly converting.... Steam seems to be quite awesome because there is many details. Just got myself a PSP go and not minding it so much.. But I still prefer discs

StbI9902865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Cards > Disc
NGP (with cards) > 3DS, ^.^...

Btw, digital > Lector, the pros overdo the con in large margin of ways that I think would turn any anti-digital-only-sayer around here.

I mean

Digital pros,
- No failing machine(Hardrives, but that is not the same as a lector failing on ya)
- No failing games, Disc, BD or getting them stolen.(Hard disk again can fail on you, but you could be able to re-down)
- No need to insert, take out to play another game/ just look at Multiman hack Ps3 for an example(nor that I use it) but the fact of having a library ala Netfilix but on your console is Win.
- No need to go uot and buy shit for those who doesn't have a shop.
- There will be more games and more DEVs working on tittle, now that they are gonna earn every penny.
- Gettings the game day 1 with limitless backing.
- No more pirates.

- Bye bye second market, but I would guess you would be able to re download the game on another friend machine (with a limit clearly)
- Internet, I myself only have 1MB, so yeah kind of fck up.

Sry for the typos, too sleepy, but yeah, pros overcork cons of both side, digital copy is simply the way to go, if not we will be granted with a onlive on PSN or XBLV.

Better digital.

bobrea2865d ago

You say that games can't fail if they're downloadable? there's been more than one ocassion where a game on steam didnt dl all of the files and i had to do it again

bobrea2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Digital distribution will never be the norm. People like having physical copies of things that they purchase. On consoles at least. I prefer Steam on my PC.

StbI9902865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

...Then amen to these people, hope you are around when things like steam make their jump to the console audience, it would do as well if not better on a console...if steam comes along in a console, I think it would be a winner.

Also, see how Itunes sell more than hardcopies?...tell u alot.

The day digital only comes up...the day the industry will have it smooth.

bobrea2865d ago

There are some things that it works for, such as music. Having 13,000 songs worth of cds would suck. Steam will probably come to a console eventually, but I don't see it overthrowing hard copies. A lot of people don't have great internet speeds and would be screwed.

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