IGN previews Metal Gear Slug 7

Okay, so the original Metal Slug 1 for the Game Boy Advance - announced for release like two years ago - still manages to be a no show, and will probably never exist now that the GBA is on its way out to pasture. No worries, as SNK Playmore is bringing the series to the Nintendo DS. But not the original Metal Slug like the Game Boy Advance version was going to be. No, this one's a full-on sequel: Metal Slug 7. And it was on display at the SNK Playmore booth during the Tokyo Game Show this week.

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riksweeney4099d ago

"Metal Gear Slug 7" eh?

Is this going to include Solid Snake? Or maybe it could feature squillions of cutscenes...

On a more serious note, I'm glad that they're still making these games, even though MS4 was quite poor.

Picked up Metal Slug Anthology from for £7 + free delivery. There's a nice tip for UK PS2 Metal Slug lovers!

SmarterThanYou4099d ago

a parody of Metal Gear Solid?