Codemasters: "We must get away from games like Call Of Duty"

The Game Director Bodycount, Andy Wilson, said recently that producers of First Person Shooters feel the need to move away from big names.

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Warprincess1162663d ago

I agree. Game designers need to start being more original. Call of duty changed fps for a year or two but now it getting kind of stale. I think developers need to start brainstorming and start to think of new game modes to include in fps. For example, killzone 3 has operations and it really addicting. The cutscenes and the objectives make the game more fun.

LusoGamer2663d ago

That's the point. More criativity and originality please.

Quagmire2661d ago

Yes, definitely more... uhh what was it; "criativity"

Active Reload2663d ago

To be honest, the only game that I really see that's taking FPS's forward, in a very instrumental way, is Brink. I'm not even talking about the SMART system, but the actual campaign being the multiplayer and vice versa. I can't think of any other game like that and if it is please enlighten me.

NoOoB1012663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I think borderlands did that...but its a good op campaign is always great.

Focker4202663d ago


No it didn't. It had co-op online but it wasn't versus. In Brink every section of the campaign is a multiplayer map where both sides are actual players trying to continue their story. Its nothing like Borderlands.

NoOoB1012663d ago

O I didn't know brink did that. =/ That's cool though but hopefully there wont be problems with the enemy team camping just to stop u from progressing.

DFresh2663d ago

How is Operations?
I've only played Bots and Warzone on the KZ3 beta.
What's the objective of Operations?
Please explain.

Mr Tretton2663d ago

ISA invades Helghast, ISA objectives are setting explosives and capturing control areas, Helghast always defend.

BiggCMan2663d ago

So the ISA need to break into the Helghast headquarters. In the first part, the ISA need to plant 2 charges on the front doors, which cannot be defused to make it fair. Once this happens, the ISA need to control two points that are further in the level, and as they control those two points, a meter fills up. Once the meter is filled, the 3rd part initiates. This time the ISA need to plant three charges at three different areas before time runs out. I cant remember if those charges can be diffused, but once all three are set, the ISA win by blowing up the whole base and causing the Helghast to drown by the water below. If the ISA fail in any of the parts, the are assassinated by the Helghast. The cutscenes he is referring to are shown at every introduction to the next part, and in the cutscenes you see the top players of that team. Its very fun.

Nitrowolf22663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

idk i your being sarcastic

It's like Mission mode, we have a specific thing to do. The first round we have the defend/arm a bomb. IDk i never made it to the second round or if there is one in the open beta, but in the close one it was disabling the gas that was around the next area after the bomb.
It's a fun mode, adding cutscenes to it was a great idea and personally it never gets old watching them.

I think there is three different objectives not sure. Any way with the cutscenes for me it makes the game feel like something different, it's not just get in a game and get as many kills, this mode actually requires teamwork.

Helghast always defend
ISA attacks

RedDead2663d ago

Seems like a copy of invasion on Halo Reach, not that that's bad, Invasion was awesome too.

jimbone792663d ago

@ Red
That is just like invasion isn't it. That is cool, I didn't know they were going to have that. I just got more interested in KZ3.

duplissi2663d ago

its similar to rush from bc2

jimbone792663d ago

I am going to try BC2 tonight, and I never knew they had a mode like that either.

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--------2663d ago


Nearly p-ssed myself when I first saw the KZ3 operations cut scenes...not literally, but the game's balls to the wall awesome.

Mr Tretton2663d ago

Honestly I wasn't that impressed by the Operations cut scenes, and there is no variation to them, which I was hoping for. It's the same ones every time.

I really do like the mode though!

Nitrowolf22663d ago

Well i'm wondering if it just for the ice map. I'm hoping there are other maps with it and lso one with ISA defending.

Op242663d ago

@Mr Tretton I bet you can count on them having different cutscene once the game releases. Prolly just showing off a preview of them. Hopefully.

Back on topic.
Flashpoint even though it had a lot of tech mishaps I really loved the online for it. I love being able to plan out my attacks. Every shooter says you have that option, but honestly you don't. Planning out attacks with your buds and overtaiking a base on hardcore mode is one of the most satisfying things i've done in a game.

egidem2663d ago

At least some developers now what is right. Good call Codemasters!

lizard812882663d ago

I'd like to move away from FPSs, but thats probably too much

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gman_2972663d ago


But people keep bashing Bodycount for being ugly and unoriginal?

Active Reload2663d ago

I'm actually intersted in Bodycount. I've always been interested...for personal reasons.

ilikestuff2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

i was very interested in bodycount at first then i realized that the bodies i was trying to count were shooting at me so i said fuck it and played the other modes. kidding killzone is awesome no matter what mode

DARKrage342663d ago

Activision is gonna milk the series just like they did GH... and CoD will have its similar end.

('Cept realistically, FPS devs need to innovate more or people will still be hooked to the same old b$ year after year called co*k-o-duty)!

VenomProject2663d ago

We must get RUN away from broken games like Operation Dragon Rising.

sp1deynut2663d ago

I also found it funny that somebody from Codemasters would make such a statement, when OF:DR was such a flaming POS, and they've not even had the gonads to show more than a stupid CGI teaser for Bodycount.

As bad as the COD franchise has gotten, it's gonna take a helluva lot more than PR speak from this guy to get me to entrust my FPS $$ to Codemasters. I loved BLACK, but I really have my doubts about Bodycount.

Evil_Ghosty2663d ago

While Operation Flashpoint : DR wasn't the most polished experience, it did offer me something different to Call of Duty which I still really enjoyed playing co op with 3 other mates. For that I was pleased with Codemasters.

slavish32663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

i agree but this developer hasn't shown they can do anything good other then racing!

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