CVG - DiRT 3: A masterclass in driving thrills?

If there was one downside to 2009's Dirt 2 it was the dilution of the rallying on which the series was first founded. Too many side-events - slow truck racing and foam block-smashing trials - tainted the broth.

Codemasters wants to make amends, and they've revealed they're doing so with 60%. Sixty percent pure rallying, that is.

Well over half of Dirt 3 is set aside for old-school-style rallying action. On the wane last year, it's back with a vengeance this, and thanks to the inclusion of rain and snow it's rallying that will outclass anything seen in the already stellar series to date.

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Bounkass2662d ago

No, the car swings too much on it's centerpoint. Looks weird and arcadey. A shame since condemasters clamied it was going to be a simulator. Now it's an arcade-simulator. But, it's the Pre Alpha Code version. Things may change. Then again, this is the car and track reviewers where allowed to race. So I presume it's at it's best rght there. Graphically and gameplay wise. But who knows what time brings!

bumnut2661d ago

colin mcrae 2 was the best one, went down hill and became too 'american' from then on

juniordee2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Have yet to see a rally game that beats RBR.