The Jimquisition: Pirates, admit you're thieves

If there's one thing that annoys about piracy, it's the excuses. If you're into piracy, whatever, but don't try to dress it up as something it's not. The flawed logic and the sense of entitlement is the thing that really annoys me, and that's the subject of this week's video.

So yeah, watch it if you want!

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Dante1122840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

He makes a good point about most pirates having that "Robin Hood" complex. think that they're sticking it to the big evil corporations, and feel that it doesn't hurt the gaming industry. I remember going into one of those sites and reading a few comments like he stated.

thebudgetgamer2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

that's what bothers me the most, just be upfront with it. i would have a small amount of respect then.

the only problem i have with this is, pirates don't look like that anymore it's all about adidas sweat suits.

Iamback2840d ago

Only a moron would disagree with Jim on this one.
I wonder how many games never got a sequel because of piracy...

UnSelf2840d ago

wait this guy is fat?

oh he's so in. fat ppl are automatically cool

R2D22840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Jim is not fat - he is big boned.

gman_2972840d ago

Well, I would, but a lot of them are fat ones living in their mother's basement that I wouldn't want to have any sort of sexual interactions with.

chasegarcia2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

I bought a game for a console. Now I want the same game for my PC. Do I want to buy the game twice? hell no! I go to and download it. I don't feel like I am stealing anything.

Another one. I bought a game 2 years ago and lost the serial key. Should I pay again if I want to play a game I bought 2 years ago. Hell no!

In the future. Sony releases PS4. I lose all my psn games. Sony decides to sell them as classics. Do I want to pay again.Hell no!

I bought a dvd movie. Couple years later a new format(bluray) is introduce. Do I want to pay again. Hell no!

Classic---Nintendo Sells Mario Brothers in like 10 different format. Do I really want to buy Mario many times. Hell no

GarandShooter2840d ago

I bought a Camaro in red. Now, I want one in black, because it's more appropriate for weddings, funerals, business meetings, etc. Do I want to buy the same car twice? Hell no, I go back to the dealership, put a brick through the showroom window and take the black one off the floor.

Should I at least pay for the showroom window? Hell no! Not my fault they locked me out.

It's called justification, my friend.

B1663r2840d ago

Wow, I happily purchased Plants Vs Zombies for three platforms... Over the years I purchased Starcraft at least three different times, an Diablo 2 twice.

Way way way back in the day I filled up a couple of hard drives from stuff I was downloading from Napster, and for some reason I held onto that hard drive, but I don't think I have listened to more than 90% of what I managed to download (plus back then everyrthing was encoded in 128kbs groan)

But the idea of putting up with getting sued by the mpaa stopped me, even with the remote chance of it happening...

That old movie is probably on netflix...

outwar60102840d ago

conglomerate companies admit you rape customers

CharlesDCI2840d ago

Normal people off the street, admit you don't need products from conglomerate companies in the first place, so there is no logical reason to justify stealing from them.

outwar60102840d ago

i dont steal but have always been angry about the price difference between the uk and the usa kinect costed americans around 130 dollars but us in the uk 120 pounds(240 dollars) games in general are around 60 dollars and for us 40 pounds(80 bucks) that gap is charged simply because they can

outwar60102840d ago

on the psn mass effect 2 is £47.99 and has been since launch seriously wtf ???

gaden_malak2840d ago

"that gap is charged simply because they can "

No it isn't.

denero12840d ago

yawns can i see your ipods for a second?

Greysturm2840d ago

Sure, that comment only speaks of your own habits.

gorebago2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Ok lol

I'm pretty sure homey Jimbo gets his games for free since he is an editor so who cares what he has to say. Me? I buy all mine but do dwnld music.

I'm sure alot of people here do the same.

Besides dressing up like a pirate is lame. I'd listen to him if he was wearing his furry costume.

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The story is too old to be commented.