World of Goo iPad significantly outperforms Wii, PC

The iPad version of 2D Boy's brilliant physics-based puzzle game, World of Goo, has sold considerable more in its first month on iPad than in any 31-day period on WiiWare and PC. Anyone still think Apple's not a part of the console war?

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Titanz2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Sony or Apple fanboys...

Who worst?

kesvalk2682d ago

ugh, only thinking about it give me headaches...

NukaCola2682d ago

CVG is called a 360 fanboiy site, so I don't know what your implying.

kesvalk2682d ago

i am implying that famboyism give me headaches....

tehdewm2682d ago

You act like there is not Microsoft fanboys here either. Shut up and stop pretending like you are much better.

Smacktard2684d ago

Its price was also cut in half.

kesvalk2682d ago

okay, then put gears of war on the ipad and see if it sells!

stupid ppl ¬¬

sashimi2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Looks like someone is desperately trying to convince people that Apple is in any sort of gaming market beside their own CHEAP IOS gaming. Good luck trying to sell games above $10 to this group of people let alone $60 full retail console games.

thewhoopimen2682d ago

if iOs were really that "cheap" .... Android and MS wouldn't be scrambling to capture the same market...

plb2682d ago

Because people on PC and wii have better stuff to play.

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