Gallery: Cosplayers Placed into Videogames

A cosplayer's natural element would most likely be some sort of fan convention, like the San Diego Comc-Con or Fanime Con; but how good, or bad, would a cosplayer look if he were dropped into the actual videogame his character came from? Check out this collection of images featuring costumed gamers placed onto appropriate backgrounds.

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Cajun Chicken2860d ago

Genius. Some funny ones here.

Sarick2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

20 looks okay, almost fits just squashed and the cosplayer needed a little more digital or cell frame effect.

15* Is hard to tell who is the cosplayer it's a winner!

16 looks fair.

The rest haha..

25 Link looks like he's past his prime and perhaps drunken disorderly version. Guess who was drinking to much milk after fending off the cows from aliens.

Quagmire2858d ago

Number 8 made me throw up my guts...