Kinect Can Be Used For Real Games After All

Kotaku: The first bunch of games for Microsoft’s Kinect were… crude. Resulting in a fear from many gamers that the peripheral may not be cut out for more complex titles. Well, this Dead Space 2 footage should convince you otherwise.

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gypsygib2779d ago

Adding the Wiimote just makes it a Move with a better camera.

Whoever said motion controls without buttons is too limited was right.

Pixel_Enemy2778d ago

Shhh. You will get disagrees!

TheLastGuardian2778d ago

Who wants to stand up to play games? Not me. And who want's to pretend their hand is a gun? What is this, third grade? Pew, pew, pew pew.

testerg352778d ago

TheLastGuardian, so pointing Move like a gun is good. Its like Harry Potter shooting bullets from his wand. Oh.. you can buy a gun accessory the make Move feel like a gun. So what's the difference?

VINNIEPAZ2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I was gonna say, "Quick! Its a Xbox article, bash it into the ground!" but the haters are fast tonite and already started.

And LOL @ that pic

And the flood of Disagree pour in, LOL what a surprise. I embrace the Disagrees, thanks for nerd raging and proving my point.

JoeReno2778d ago

I disagreed with you because who exactly is Bashing Kinect here? Someone said its the Same as Move but with a BETTER camera.. not bashing at all. Someone pointed out that this vid was showing a hacked Kinect on a PC with a wii controller.. still not Bashing.

See where I'm going with this? You were quick to pull the bashing card, and that's why you have 0 agree and 7 disagree

VINNIEPAZ2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

@ Joe

He clearly said "Whoever said motion controls without buttons is too limited was right."

Thats is a jab that the kinect cant do good gaming GTFO

"Sick of these Kinect defenders b*tching about people bashing it yet they can never actually defend it."

How is this for defending it. I still play kinect adventure every once and a while as I really like kinect sports (Hell I even play some before I do my P90x workout to help with stretching warmups). And my girl is still playing dance Central. Just because YOU dont like something doesn't make it fact buddy. Its also still NEW tech so give it some damn time, Jesus you people are like 6 year olds. I have Move from day one and still having nothing to play with it right now. Oh and I'm not a big FPS fan

gaden_malak2778d ago

"Thats is a jab that the kinect cant do good gaming GTFO"

Until someone can prove him wrong it's pretty much fact.

Sick of these Kinect defenders b*tching about people bashing it yet they can never actually defend it.

cryymoar2778d ago

Kinect tech + Move tech would be the ultimate motion gaming experience thus far.

JoeReno2778d ago


I see how that was a slight jab at kinect, but "motion controlls without buttons is too limited" is hardly bashing. Thats just a fact.

I hope to be suprised with the progress in the 2nd round of kinect games, but thus far im not impressed.

NiKK_4192778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

predictions for ps4? i hope
an upgraded move with an pseye like an upgraded kinect...then yu could pretty much do anything with it

jneul2778d ago

@vinniepaz try modern combat domination its only around £5 on psn, and has move support , also on psn+ there is a kz3 beta multiplayer mode with awesome move controls, maybe if you was not so caught up in the kinect hype you would have noticed that, the only way kinect is any good is on pc, and even then it needs a wiimote to be good only proving sony's point of needing a controller

Perjoss2778d ago

just so you get an idea of the ratio of 'fans' around here. On the N4G forums there are only 4,000 topics in the 360 forum compared to 13,000 topics in the ps3 forum.

I guess the ps3 users hang around websites while the xboxers are busy playing games ;)

(disagree button is just below on the right)

Army_of_Darkness2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

You play kinect adventures and kinect sports, but yet you can't find a good move game to play?!?! Reeeeally bro? really!?!? Ahahaha!!!

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ChristianGamer2778d ago

Well, that limited gadget just got its first BAFTA nomination for Dance Central...oh yeah.

MintBerryCrunch2778d ago

if Zumba Fitness got the same nomination for the Move....i wouldnt be going "oh yeah" like you

FailOverHero2778d ago

Stop lying Mint. Dance Central got the nomination for People's Choice Award. Zumba didn't even get a mention ANYWHERE. I know you worship SONY but making up nominations is just SAD

MintBerryCrunch2778d ago

@ above

dumbass...its hypothetical

FailOverHero2778d ago

But dance central >>>> zumba

MrBeatdown2778d ago

FailOverHero fails again.

"if Zumba Fitness got the same nomination for the Move....i wouldnt be going "oh yeah" like you"

"If"... that's the key word.


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Masterchef20072778d ago

true its impossible to play core games with kinect without some sort of physical input. And by that i mean buttons. Any core kinect titles will probably use the 360s controller in some way.

baodeus2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

not exactly. They can project keys on a surface and add function to it, like that one piano kinect hack video (just doesn't have feed back like vibration if certain games have feed back response).

They can do like a virtual buttons on any surface. Although it seem to be a little further into the future for now. If they can improve that tech, man, imagine how they can change the RTS genra. It is gonna be sick (each finger can assign a different functions, building multiple structure simultaneously).

Masterchef20072778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

i honestly dont think that is going to work for most people who play their games sitting on a couch. Plus according to that video you need to be able to see the keys on the screen which means that the screen will loose some real estate because of that. Its nice to see that they are doing a lot with the hacks but some of them are not really that useful to console gamers.

baodeus2778d ago

true, but like you see on hand held, it doesn't really take up that much space (directional pad and some buttons) plus you can sit down to play games (which many thought it couldn't do it). Especially w/ RTS game, it will be just like the mouse and the option panel at the bottom but you can choose w/ your fingers (one hand to execute action, clicking etc.....the other to move camera or sub functions.

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Kran2779d ago

The biggest doubt with this, its all very cool in all, but it looks so confusing and difficult to use motion controllers on games like that.

Godmars2902778d ago

So is this suppose to be in support of the Kinect on 360 argument or just that Kinect works on PC? At this point it should be clear that those are to different arguments.

Close_Second2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

The PC has a lot more capacity to spare once you takeaway the overhead of interpreting the input from the Kinect. So I agree, just because you can do it on the PC does not mean you an do it or do it as well on the 360.

For those who disagree, how many of you think you can run Windows 7 on a 6 year old PC as well as it runs on a quad core 64-bit PC?

Apocalypse Shadow2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

i wouldn't even try godmars.

reason and common sense just goes out the window with some of these guys.tell them that npd=/=world,and they will disagree or tell you the world doesn't matter when sales prove otherwise.

but on topic,these videos that we have seen in the last couple of months just prove that..

a)developers can't seem to wrap their heads around on how to make simple controls work for complex games.


b)sony was right again on everything so far from hdmi for 1080p and 3D support,hdd built in for content,cell for power and great looking games,bluray for bigger games...and now,advanced controllers give you more options for input and accuracy.

these guys just don't's just one thing after another.let's see this person play with no controller like we were told by microsoft.where's the voice commands?where's the core just keeps going every time we see these articles.

it would be hilarious if microsoft announces a wand right before GDC.proving sony was right again.

insomnium22778d ago

Your comment apocalypse brings back a lot of memorable moments here @ n4g. Where does the time go....

cereal_killa2778d ago

Apocalypse I agree M$ will announce a some sort of controller for the Kinect it's the only way they are going to play games other than the kiddie carnival/Exercise/Dance games if not GDC then it will be announced at E3 and believe me when that happens all the 360 fanboys will jump for joy and claim how original and innovated Kinect is.

Godmars2902778d ago

Its just that its flummoxing to have been arguing about this thing as the ultimate extension of the 360, with it being shown working years before release with professional game makers largely being quoted of its potential, only to get copies of the thing Kinect itself has been accused to be a copy of, the Wii's motion control.

Meanwhile, you've got tinkerers just messing around with the thing doing all sorts of things with Kinect including backwards compatibility within short weeks and months. Seemingly outpacing anything done so far on the game console it was created for in the first place.

I mean, either MS just has completely incompetent game production planning, or the 360 is very limiting to Kinect. Which just screams another batch of problems.

tubers2778d ago

Can't wait for the Matrix! 30 more years perhaps?

seinfan2778d ago

A matrix-like experience is the only way I'd stop using a regular controller.

Jdoki2778d ago

If I had access to a Matrix like experience... First thing I'd do is download a virtual old school arcade to visit and play!! :)

Vesemir2778d ago

Doesn't look good... It was supposed to be impressive ??
It failed then. I'm not.

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