Dark Souls: Hardest RPG Yet? (Hooked Gamers)

People who are interested in From Software’s Dark Souls most likely already know what it is all about. Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to the 2010 cult classic Demon’s Souls, best known for its crushing difficulty level and extremely satisfying brains-over-brawn gameplay. Button bashers were left behind and even strategic thinkers plunged onwards into certain death. Demon’s Souls was hard, there’s no two ways about it and From Software promises us that Dark Souls will be even harder.

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Crazyglues2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Mark My Words... This Game will Be Awesome..


Bloodraid2570d ago

*PSST* It's multi-platform. So your little 'PS3' logo is stupid to have there.

Crazyglues2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

@ Bloodraid

LoL... silly rabbit, tricks are for kids... -:)

*PSST* I put my PS3 logo on everything, it has nothing to do with this GAME... LOL -(Just look at my comments, I put it on everything because I just happen to be a PS3 gamer) -So when people see my name they know I'm a PS3 gamer...

-but whatever, I guess haters are always gonna hate...


Rival_312571d ago

It better be hard. So hard that It'll take me ages to beat the tutorial. Then I'll be satisfied.

DragonKnight2571d ago

It's going to be so hard, there won't even be a tutorial.

But hell, you gotta love Demon's Souls "tutorial" where you die at the end of it unless you are really good at dodging and staying behind the Vanguard.

Rival_312571d ago

Heck yes! When I did live through the Vanguard on my second run I thought it was possible to never die. Then the Dragon God proved me otherwise. :(

DragonKnight2571d ago

I know. You beat the Vanguard and you're like "F*CK YEAH, TAKE THAT YOU OVERSIZED, AXE-WIELDING B*TCH" Then you get to the new area, and the Dragon God pwns you without so much as an attack on your part. Lol. They should at least let you ATTEMPT to fight it.

Kon2571d ago

Challenge Accepted.

NYC_Gamer2571d ago

we all have to play it first then decide

VenomProject2571d ago

Demon's Souls wasn't excruciatingly difficult, people were just a little shocked because the game didn't hold your hand. Because of this, the difficulty was exaggerated.

I've platinum'd the game and the only "hard" parts included grinding for incredibly rare crafting materials.

If Dark Souls turns out to be even more difficult than Demon's Souls, I'll be a happy gamer.

Tikicobra2571d ago

You seriously platinum'd that game?

Pictures or it didn't happen.

VenomProject2571d ago

PSN ID: Drak_Black

All of my trophies can be seen in that link.

The_Nameless_One2571d ago

Getting a platinum in Demon's Souls is not as hard as you would think. It just means TONS of grinding.

DaTruth2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

I grinded for hours for the pure bladestone(1-200 odds) and lost my savegame to a YLOD! TOTAL BULL$HIT!!!

I have two weapons left to get, but I can't go through that again!

Tikicobra2571d ago

That's insane. I think I have one trophy out of that game, and it's bronze. It really made me realize how terrible I am at games.

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RedDead2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

I agree, you just need to take your time, don't underestimate enemies and for god sake...don't try something that's above your equipment and level.

I mean you wouldn't try to take on Ruby weapon in FF7 on level 30 would you?

DragonKnight2571d ago

I challenge you sir.

Watch this series of videos that show a level 7 Tifa beating Ruby Weapon. I'll post the first one, and you can watch the rest.

RedDead2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

well, you atleast get my meaning right? That was basically a weak chaeacter with op'd abilities, I sure got pwned though

jessupj2571d ago

I have 3 Demon's Souls plats. 1 for each region; Asia, Pal and the US. That's about 220 hours total.


PSN = Grayfox878 if you don't believe me.

BeOneWithTheGun2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Jesus, good job mate. i got 75% thru then my ps died. i have the game sitting here but just cant bring myself to do ALL THAT DAMN GRINDING again. I wish I had a MIB flashythingy so I could forget all the hell I endured and be motivated to replay it. lol

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