Cliff Bleszinski Toys with Killzone Fans

From his remarks concerning articles discussing his games to suggestions about other teams’ works, Bleszinski (or Cliffy B, as he is often known) whips the media and fans into a frenzy like a 90’s heyday Spice Girl, offering inherently quotable comments via his official Twitter account near daily, and today has been no exception to that rule.

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Warprincess1162866d ago ShowReplies(25)
LarVanian2866d ago

Sorry Cliff but while I enjoyed the demo for Bulletstorm I will not be buying it day one. If it gets fair reviews I will buy it a couple of months down the line after the price has dropped.
Killzone 3 however will be running in my PS3 right from the get-go.

ActionBastard2866d ago

I must agree. KZ3 is an insta-buy for me, Bulletstorm (while I enjoyed the demo) is not.

DoomeDx2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

You should read his twitter now...lmao

I think its funny he brings up the VGChartz pre-orders list, of america. Home of the Xbox360 consoles.
And hes still proud that Bulletstorm is right behind killzone. Even though there are ALOT more 360's around America

Sony3602865d ago

It's funny because Bulletstorm could actually out-score Killzone 3.

waljaber2865d ago

out-score don't mean anything with corrupted bias patriot journalist nowadays, great game will stand by it self like KZ3, but BulletStorm needs GEARS OF WARS!!

LarVanian2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I honestly wouldn't care if Bulletstorm somehow ended up being the highest rated game this gen, I'm still buying Killzone 3 before it. I have been a fan of the Killzone series since it began in 2004 and the demo for KZ3 was much better than the Bulletstorm demo.

Sony3602865d ago


You conspiracy theorists crack me up. I bet those journalists aren't so "corrupt" when they give your favorite franchise high scores, are they?

When saying a game is better, one person's opinion (yours in this case) doesn't matter because everyone's is different. The only thing to go by is critical reception, and in that sense there are plenty of better console FPS than Killzone 3.

Eyeco2865d ago

bulletstorm was so boring and lame, its like some weird cross between madworld, and unreal it just wasn't working for me, the whole gameplay just got repeptive for me. And that was in a 10 minute DEMO!!! i have no interest in that game whatsover.

Lovable2865d ago

I personally don't see what's wrong with what he said? For me it just means that Killzone is such a big threat that they had to make a new game just to prevent it from destroying the competition...

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femshep2866d ago

oh god where did he come from again its been a while
its like the clown in horror movies they always come out of nowhere


Yup, he should had stayed with level designing where he belonged, because as a front man he's pretty pathetic. I don't remember this guy talking about any of his games as a professional, even when not commenting on someone else's game, he talks more like one excited fanboy than someone who's actually discussing the enterprise that is making a game from decision-taker position.

lazysey2865d ago

ya. a clown that gets pussy every night!

femshep2865d ago

yeah speaking of that i feel bad for that throphie wife of his.....i honestly wouldn't touch him =/

SeanScythe2866d ago

This game has already been removed off my wishlist. The Demo was so dumb and boring. I'd rather play Terminator Salvation again. This game is just a ported 360 game and it sucks.

It's not going to mess with KZ3 it's just to give 360 fans something to play while PS3 owners are having fun in KZ3.

StarScream4Ever2866d ago

His game may sell but his personality is stupid and does not deserve any respect as a developer.

femshep2866d ago

"His game may sell"
and we all know its cause of Gears 3 beta

agree he deserves no respect as a dev

Biggest2866d ago

That's pretty much it. He knows it. People Can Fly know it and are happy about it. Look at the sales of Crackdown versus Crackdown 2.

Crackdown: 975,908 thru 10 weeks
Crackdown 2: 625,681 thru 10 weeks

As good as Crackdown was for the people that bought it and actually played it, Crackdown 2 had no one jumping on board though they should have based on Crackdown. It will be the same for Bulletstorm.

jetlian2865d ago

really crackdown was good mainly cause there was no other open world game like it. Few months later we got ASSASSIN creed. Of course now theres plenty of games like crackdown

MS is truly at fault on CD2 being lackluster trying to place all the good stuff on DLC

Sony3602865d ago

He's the brain child of a game series that re-defined third person shooters but "deserves no respect as a dev".

Someone's mad.

x713HITSQUADx2865d ago

why? cuz he acts like a normal person?

KillerBBs2865d ago

cliffy is trolling.... no bubble for her.