Rock Band devs comment on Guitar Hero getting the axe

XMNR: Activision somewhat surprisingly announced that they were pulling the plug on the Guitar Hero franchise yesterday. Now Harmonix, the original creators of Guitar Hero, have commented on the end of the franchise as well as the future for Rock Band.

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killyourfm2835d ago

Too soon! This reeks of opportunism...just feels like it's not the right time - or reason - to hype Rock Band and seduce GH players.

Baka-akaB2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Opportunism ?

They created GH , pushed the genre forward , and are the legimate one here .

The only reason they werent ahead , was people buying an established brand no matter what and who was behind it .
It's out of their way , of course they should rejoice

Kon2835d ago

This pic says otherwise


Relientk772835d ago

Rock Band is better anyway

Yay for RB outlasting GH

Neo Nugget2835d ago

Getting the axe....ahaha, I get it. Ahhhh.....

Yes, Rockband is a million times better.

iistuii2835d ago

Now will we get a lot more choice on Rockband as a lot of great songs failed to come across due to them being on GH, if there's only one music game then it's great that it's the best one, Rockband....

gorebago2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I always felt like a tool playing or buying a guitar hero game anyways since well, I kind of grew up and graduated middle school.

iistuii2835d ago

Not one of these who won't play a fake guitar, yet will sit and use a fake steering wheel, or a move/ Wii controller.... No difference in my world, all controllers and all fun.

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