Is there any chance that Tales of the Abyss 3DS will be released outside Japan?

3DSTribe writes: "Original titles look to be one of the main ways the Nintendo 3DS can survive, but solid conversions of older titles might end up helping its cause more than you might expect.

Tales of the Abyss 3DS is one such conversion. The 2005 PS2 RPG (the eighth entry in the long-running ‘Tales of’ series) has been confirmed for a Japanese release sometime in 2011 bringing with it colourful graphics true to the original and action packed 3D combat shaping up to be a good fit for 3DS."

"...there are a few reasons to hold out a slim bit of hope that it might one day make it to our shores."

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kesvalk2838d ago

hardly, they never localize the portable titles

hack, they don't even localize the console ones...

disgaeapuchi2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Don't forget that Tales of the Abyss has already been localised on PS2, so it'd be fairly easy to bring over (and the JPN version is based off the US PS2 one).

And as stated in the article Ubisoft brought over Tales of Eternia on PSP to Europe (a title that already got a localisation on PS1).

Also the cost of publishing a 3DS game has to be high - I can't see Tales of the Abyss being on a game card less than 2GB in size. This all makes the 3DS region lock even more annoying - even if it makes it to America it's unlikely to make it to Europe or even Australia.

Point taken though, Namco haven't bothered with any of the original DS titles (like Tales of Hearts) or Tales of Graces on Wii. A shame.