Gamer Redux - Alan Wake

An interesting take on why Alan Wake a unique and interesting game was a flop on the Xbox 360.

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MariaHelFutura2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I`ve been playing Alan Wake recently and it`s a great game. It feels more like a Japanese game more than a Western style game and probably would have fit the PS/PC crowd better than the 360 crowd, in all honesty.

Kon2777d ago

Yeah, because everybody thinks Xbox owners only play CoD. Typical.

Aarix2777d ago

Lol im pretty sure all owners play cod. I fairly enjoyed Alan wake.

UnwanteDreamz2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

LOL Xbox owner putting words in someones mouth over a perceived slight. Typical

This person gave their opinion and you turned it into evryones?

Bigpappy2777d ago

The reason it flopped on the 360 is simple: They just tried to market the game on graphics. This was a brand new IP, which was being presented as a survival horor, where a writer is being haunted by his own stories and his main weapon is a flash light. How the heck is that suppose to have people lining up at the game store day-one? They should have released a substantial demo before the full version.

The same thing happen to BGE and that was on Xbox and PS2. The fanboy war never gets a break on this site.

Spydiggity2777d ago

it failed because it came out at the same time as RDR in a time of year that people don't buy a lot of games. there's really nothing more to it. the ad campaign for RDR combined with tne rockstar name couldn't be contended with.

southernbanana2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I don't remember any marketing regarding graphics, but I do remember marketing involving story and overall atmosphere..... Alan Wake is a great game regardless and I hope there is a sequel made in the near future!

BDSE2777d ago

I really enjoyed Alan Wake and I can't help but think that had this game been released a year or so earlier it wouldn't have had to live up to unrealistic expectations. Taken for what it was I can think of plenty of worse ways to spend your time.

Blaze9292777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Alan Wake was a flop? I'm sorry, but according to who and what standards? It's about to hit one million copies sold worldwide for a single platform exclusive game. Not even a full year after it's release yet.

Microsoft picked up this IP near it's completion. Who knows for how much. All they did was publish the game and make a short TV series for it. They didn't even market it anywhere besides Canada I think it was...or Europe. And that was with posters and billboards. So no money spent on marketing either. So to them, financially, it was probably a success. Enough to give it away for free with xbox 360 purchases.

I don't know the details, NO ONE DOES. I just wanna know on what grounds was Alan Wake a flop?

I'm not disagreeing, I just want to know how was it a flop.

B1663r2777d ago

It was a flop because it doesn't fit the n4ps3g narative that the ps3 is the awsomeist game console of all time and anything that is not the ps3 is obviously a failure becuase of circular reference, or something like that.

And conversly, if it is a ps3 exclusive, it is therefore the greatest game of all time, etc etc, etc yadda yadda...

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Inside_out2779d ago

Well, the only real complaint about AW is that the game has only sold approx 850,000 units. M$ and Remedy were obviously hoping for more...alot more. What is often ignored in the discussion about AW and it's sales is the very real piracy numbers that have been reported for this title...1.14 million downloads. It's tough for a completely new, artsy IP like AW to survive in the frenzy FPS world/market these games find them selves in. If AW sold 5 million nobody would care but when your fighting for market share, it's a problem. Having said that...

The lack of any on-line co-op is a big mistake when your audience is the XBL heavy 360 community. Multi-player would probably be impossible with the game play being the use of light but a horde/firefight on-line co-op mode would fit quite nicely.

Things are changing with the casual friendly Kinect bringing in many more casual gamers to the system that aren't so into on-line combative gaming.

Doesn't matter, if your into gaming than you've heard of AW and probably played it. The piracy numbers confirm interest in the title so I suspect AW 2 will be better prepared to deal with the circumstances.

Easily one of the best looking and playing games this gen. You need a big screen and decent sound system to really appreciate what Remedy has created...

veksink2779d ago

if a game with a great interesting story like Wake can't sell without MP than to me that's a huge problem..I have no idea how you would incorporate a horde mode, there's not enough of a variety of main characters or enemies for that..and i have to admit i never even took the piracy numbers into account...

UnwanteDreamz2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Who does? Sounds like an excuse where one isn't needed. AW sold nearly 1 million. It was a new IP and it wasn't a shooter. I think the sales are respectable and require no excuse.

Cez has downplayed titles and called them flops for only selling AW numbers. I think that is why he wrote a paragraph here to explain AW's sales. If he didn't do what he does he wouldn't feel the need to explain why AW only sold 1 million.

1 million for a new IP on Xbox360 that isn't a shooter is great IMO.

BDSE2777d ago

I really hate the fact that MP seems to be shoe horned into perfectly reasonable single player games, Bioshock and Dead Space- I'm looking at you.

Putting MP on this game would make as much sense as putting it on SIlent Hill.

B1663r2777d ago

I am annoyed that we are what... three years on on Left4Dead and no one has bothered to replicate that mp experience and seemingly the only mp games we get are some form of death match or ctf...

BDSE2777d ago

Well Left4Dead is built from the ground up as a MP game. There are perfectly good SP games that don't need an MP element just so it's 'cool'.

NLGSean2777d ago

It was not a flop to me... Great game!

Kran2777d ago

Technically, it wasnt a flop. Its nearly sold 1 million copies worldwide, which is pretty good. And its only a 360 game.

wiggles2777d ago

It was a good game that was released at the wrong time. I decided to play Alan Wake over Red Dead when they first came out. Obviously the majority of other 360 owners decided to play RDR.

So the lessons learned is don't release a new IP in competition with a developer who is one of the best. Dead Space the original was released in a window where nothing was really coming out, and it sold fairly well. The release window was the only thing holding Alan Wake back.

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