Is the Wii Remote Plus Worth Buying?

Due to the limited number of games that actually require the controller, is the Wii Remote Plus worth buying? Bright Hub helps you determine whether or not the latest Wii Remote is right for you.

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Army_of_Darkness2803d ago

Only if you don't have a Move Controller yet ;)

Vinushka2802d ago

Move Controller... LMAO.

PS3 drones have been slamming motion controls from the start, and saying Wii sucks. However, once Sony blatantly copies the Wii remote and nunchuck, suddenly motion controls are cool. Isn't that funny?

Nintendo leads the way, while Sony will forever copy Nintendo, because that's what they've always been doing, so why stop now, right?

Army_of_Darkness2802d ago

I didn't cut up motion controls... Just the wii for its lack of good games!
sure there's some here and there, but not enough to warrant a purchase. Hell, I'd buy a 360 over that crap.

lil boy blue2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

what are you talking about lack of good games. Wii won 2010. did u see the list. (If u want ill PM u) dude u obviously have no business talking about this subject since u seem preety ignorant of the wii.

just a question how many AAA or AA titles does the move have right now. Im not trying to troll im just asking. dont fanboy rage on me.

TheSanchezDavid2804d ago

I'd say it depends on your gaming needs. Big Wii enthusiasts would benefit from it, while gamers who don't play the console all that much are better off skipping the purchase.

Bigpappy2804d ago

Who ask such dumb questions? Obviously if you need it, it is worth buying, and if you don't need it its not.

Masterchef20072803d ago

If you dont have motionplus get it if you dont dont.

prettyboy12803d ago

if u have a wii yes if not then no

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