Destructoid Preview: SOCOM 4 in 3D with the Move Sharp Shooter

Zipper Interactive is the home of the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs franchise, one of the longest-running tactical shooter series on the market. The developer is returning to SOCOM after a four-and-a-half-year hiatus -- during which it put out the 256-player first-person shooter MAG -- with the upcoming SOCOM 4. It’s the first SOCOM game on the PlayStation 3 since 2008’s SOCOM: Confrontation, developed by Slant Six Games. With SOCOM 4, Zipper is looking to restore the good name of its marquee franchise.

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ComboBreaker2867d ago

"There’s also a “quick turn” option, which will be particularly useful for advanced players in the game’s multiplayer modes -- it essentially functions like mouselook on a computer, offering one-to-one aiming with the Sharp Shooter."

Awesome that we can use the Move like the mouse.

Joni-Ice2867d ago

Cant wait for Socom. I LOVE the multiplayer but I want to dive into the story mode so badly.

Ps_alm3k2867d ago

If your not gonna buy because multi-player, buy because its freaking 5 player co-op campaign! How often do we get that?

jneul2867d ago

another move game to add to my growing library:-)