Uncharted Film Slowly Becoming Another Failed Attempt

PCN: "Uncharted is one of the very few games that have the full cinimatic experience built right into the game. Watching the cutscenes and even most of the gameplay makes for a great couple hour film. There are many great games like this, and most people will probably point right at Metal Gear Solid or anything Kojima has done. Well MGS has been around forever and Kojima isn’t too fond of the ideas of people taking his products and turning them into movies, and now we know why. "

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SuperStrokey11232661d ago

No Nathan Fillion... once that happened i knew it was all down hill after that.

metsgaming2660d ago

omg dont you guys get it ! It dont matter if its fillion or Waldberg !The biggest problem is the director he wants to change the story into something he created. It wont matter if its waldberg or fillion because it wont be uncharted. I rather have the real story and waldberg then the story the director wants and fillion.

SuperStrokey11232660d ago

Yeah but now you are getting neither... id rather have nathan than walhberg for this role regardless of which way the story went. I think its you who doesnt get it.

DualConsoleOwner2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Lol. the movie has right ingredients for huge success.

only idiots, ignorants, fanboys will argue that this movie will fail..

so who cares if director is going to add another dimension to drake???

if movie is good, then i will be happy.

and guessing from his previous movies, this movie will be amazing

UnwanteDreamz2659d ago

I knew it would be a disaster when I heard they were doing it. UC didn't need a movie. Stupid cash grabs.

Loner2661d ago

Most videogame movies end up sucking anyway

DualConsoleOwner2660d ago

Most video game movies dont have huge budget, well known directors, good actors in the movie.

metsgaming2659d ago

i thinks its more the fact that they dont stay true to what the game was about. It seems the only thing that the movie will have in common with the game is possibly the title and maybe the names. Heck the director might want to change that too.

Ducky2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Even the movies with huge budget, well known directors and good actors end up failing.

It's common knowledge that movies and games don't work out together. There's always room for exceptions though.

LarVanian2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

@ DualConsoleOwner

Both Spider-man 3 and Alexander had huge budgets, well known directors and good actors but both movies turned out to be nothing more than absolute crap, and the same can be said for many other movies.

anasurimbor2659d ago

Who else predicted this from the beginning?

JasonX432659d ago

What gives this movie real potential is that Uwe Boll ISN'T involved in this at all!

Quagmire2658d ago

Not really, thats like elevating from Hell to Homeless.

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