10° - Memory Lane: Jak II

"Naughty Dog's games have always resonated with me. Be it my first experience with the original PlayStation playing Crash Bandicoot, or becoming completely enthralled with Jak and Daxter on PS2 and the Uncharted games of this generation, I've been a fan of their work for quite some time. That being said, my preference towards Jak out of Sony's three PS2-era mascot franchises shouldn't come as a big surprise. In particular, Jak II left a lasting impression on me, having replayed it two or three times since its 2003 launch."

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mephman2840d ago

Ahh, one of Naughty Dog's classics.

Hardedge2840d ago

I've never actually played this, although I loved the Crash Bandicoot games on the PS. I should give it a shot, if I can find a copy.

LarVanian2840d ago

I absolutely loved this game! No other game has ever given me such a great feeling of satisfaction after finishing it. I remember the many times I got so pissed off with Jak II due to the immense difficulty of many of the missions, but in the end I felt completely satisfied having conquered this 'hard as nails' game in 16 hours.
I like to look at Jak II as a 'hardcore platformer'. I also feel that the Jak series was very underrated and didn't get the appreciation it deserved.