Valentine’s Day Gifts for The Gamer in Your Life

Matt Sims of Ripten: Valentine’s Day is such a hard holiday to shop for. You can either go for the old reliable gifts of candy and flowers to seem incredibly boring, or go out on a limb and buy something different, but there’s no guarantee your significant other will like it. I’m here to help you friend.

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KingNintendoFanboy2501d ago

My gf has asked me to to do Valentine's Day. I'm not complaining.

VINNIEPAZ2501d ago

I'm so glad my girlfriend shares the same view of Valentines Day that its nothing but propaganda to boost the economy. Thats why we never get each other anything on V-Day.

Pyscho_Mantis2501d ago

wow thats the same thing over here.

FACTUAL evidence2501d ago

TBH, if i saw my girl in ANYTHING with a videogame on her trying to be sexy I would be turned much as I love videogames....just don't care how pretty the girl is, just a turn off IMO.

DarkBlood2501d ago

i guess you dont apprieate effort they try to make.

Invadersims2501d ago

Yeah boy, nothing says sexy like some Pac on Pac action.

TheGamerGeek2501d ago

I get my lady chocolates and a preorder of DukeNukem. She'll love it.

jaredhart2501d ago

Duke always pleases the ladies.

Come Get Some!

Invadersims2501d ago

That should've been on the list. BALLS OF STEEL!

Hitman07692501d ago

or you can dress up like Duke Nukem and....... you know the rest......

Akuma212501d ago

*This is the sort of outfit that makes people make a few Pac Juniors of their own. Price $23.97*

Well i know what i'm getting her for valentines day xDDD.

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