Call Of Duty’s Every Year Could Hurt The Franchise

Of course the idea of having to wait years for a sequel can sometimes be frustrating to our insatiable need for a new experience, but at what cost? The idea of a Call of Duty title every year lends to notion that the element of surprise and shock value could be in jeopardy and eventually dilute the experience.

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Agent-862868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

No kidding. The author should tell us something we don't know. I haven't bought a COD game since COD4. They have all been just about the same game and become boring. And why do the player counts keep dropping with each new edition? We had 48 players on PC for COD4 and now they are down to 18. Doesn't really matter to me anyways since I've always been a Battlefield gamer myself.

xAlmostPro2868d ago

It's obvious, i mean it's already hurting it. It's become un-original, doesn't perform well and really lost its feel from the good old cod2 days, it took abit of skill back then.

They already know this, which is why guitar hero has been axed(which also proves if everyone stands up against COD it'll atleast get a drastic change or be canned).

They need to cancel the release this year, and come back in another 2 years, make sure the game runs great on all platfoms, make sure it's actually a change like cod4 was from cod 1-3, and then take a full 2 years gap between each game(at the very least). Then COD could be appealing again.

Oh and imo infinity ward + treyarch should work together.. infinity ward always get the game looking better and running better but end up fulling it with noob friendly crap, but treyarch always get a good balance of perks and weapons etc.(excluding 1 or 2 things) but fail on the performance side. Who knows what sledgehammer are capable of :P

Inside_out2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Competition is a strange thing and if Activision wants to keep it's fanbase, it better keep the games coming. They had a great thing with Infinity Ward and Treyarch going back and forth every other year. I expect that they are hoping the Sledgehammer/Infinity ward Vs Treyarch will work the same.

The haters would sure like it as would the competitors...not going to happen. COD will see a game every year from now on. If you want to be the top dog you will have to beat the top dog. EA is trying and trying even going so far as to release Battlefield 3 at the same time as COD this November. Why don't I see the same articles about EA and Dice with there yearly battlefield games...hmmmmm...hypocrites

BTW...EA and those ex Infinity ward guys are going to lose that law suit and they are going to lose BIG.

thrasherv32868d ago

They have been doing this since the first CoD...

thrasherv32868d ago

Yes they have.

2003 - CoD1
2004 - CoD:UO
2005 - CoD2
2006 - CoD3
2007 - CoD4:MW
2008 - CoD:WAW
2009 - CoD:MW2
2010 - CoD:BO

bumnut2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I think united offensive was an expansion pack, could be wrong though.

guigsy2868d ago

There was a 2 year gap between 1 and 2 because Infinity Ward was the only CoD develop at the time. Since then there has been a new CoD every year.

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KingZFlipper2868d ago

It would be great for us gamers that COD would take a break for a year or two, but not for Activision.

One reason: Money.

gravemaker2868d ago

i dont mind CoD, becase they are really good shooters

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